Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shocking Ruling!

“In a shocking move, an activist federal judge dismissed our amicus brief submitted to the court in defense of our new Texas Sonogram Law,” she said. “The well-known pro-abortion judge claimed that he’s not going to allow politics in his court. I guess what he really meant was any politics that differ from his own.”

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Well, if I've said it once I'll say (write) it again...As long as I have a blog I will stand for the unborn.

Homeschooling is important yes, but we have little babies being murdered in their mother's wombs, these little babies should be in the safest place ever but instead it is now the most dangerous!

And isn't this real homeschooling for Life? Or if you don't homeschool isn't keeping our youth and young adults abreast of the war within our country of utmost importance?

Have you ever noticed so many people seeming so lulled to sleep on this? It makes me ill, people seem to care more about their pocketbooks or McChurch than they do little unborn babies. It ought not be!

It's an interesting time we live in, more politicians are speaking out on abortion than many pastors...Sometimes it would just be nice to see some passion in people who say they follow Jesus Christ. It would just really be nice.

It starts in our homes, I hope our children see a passion in us.

Otherwise one day our grandchildren may ask us:

"What did you do or say when they were killing babies?"
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Rescue those who are being led away to death! Indeed, hold back those who are staggering to the slaughter! Proverbs 24:11

Rescue the weak and needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked. Psalms 82:4

I wanted to share a couple of neat books to celebrate fall but it will have to wait after hearing of this most unjust and horrifying ruling.

Let's lift our country up in prayers. And remember, saying there will always be abortion is like the abolitionists saying there would always be slavery!
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Julie S said...

I don't understand why "pro-choice" advocates are so scared of this law. Are they afraid that the mothers might choose to keep their precious babies and raise them up to love life and God? Are they afraid more people might see that it's not simply a fetus, but a child with a beating heart and brain and fingers and toes?
It makes me sick to think that there are women who want to see the images of their babies, but aren't allowed to. That is criminal! Thank you for sharing this shocking ruling!

Amelia said...

Dear Julie,

Thanks so much for stopping by. It just goes to show how adamant the pro"choice" - pro-death advocates are in killing these innocent babies. You are so correct, when I was carrying my last baby girl, I was not that far along and we could tell what her little nose looked like! Oh Lord help this nation to open it's eyes and may the preachers in the pulpits not forget the holocaust before us! It's as the days of Herod, or as the days of the Holocaust as the railroad cars passed the churches and they sang hymns all the louder to drown out the screams of the poor Jewish people.

Thanks again for coming by Julie, I really appreciate it.

God Bless you Julie! ~Amelia