Thursday, September 1, 2011


Once again, Elisabeth Elliott has it right-on. This could change your life! : )

Some of my most cherished things are two postcards handwritten to me by Elisabeth Elliot with comforting words on them as I was carrying our last little baby girl, Rebecca now 17. Elisabeth told me God was already with me.

I was on bedrest with complications and a threat of premature delivery at 5 months; I was a bit frightened and apprehensive with something new to me at the time...a birth center delivery. Do you know Dr. Ron Paul would have delivered my baby girl if I were transported to the hospital?

Our baby girl was delivered at the birth center by a praying team of midwives, a robust nine pound healthy sweet baby girl!

Elisabeth Elliot would also later read a letter I wrote to her over the air, I cannot tell you what a blessing she was and still is to me. I'll never forget that morning putting my makeup on and out of the blue, I hear Elisabeth Elliot reading my letter over the radio... Sometimes we need things like that. Encouragement goes a long, long way.

The Courage to Be a Woman

Series: A Conversation with Elisabeth Elliot

Leslie Basham: Elisabeth Elliot says, “If a woman gets married she is going to marry . . .

Elisabeth Elliot: . . . sinful person. There isn’t anything else to marry. I say that to women all the time. You’ve got to remember, whomever you marry, he’s a sinner. There isn’t anything else to marry.

To read or listen in entirety: HERE
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RetroRocketGal said...

I've always loved Elizabeth Elliot's books.

Warren Baldwin said...

What encouragement that must have been to you, on a couple of times, to receive cards from EE and to hear to letter to her read on the air. That is neat.

And, I agree, Dr. Ron Paul would have delivered the baby. He has done 4,000 deliveries with no abortions. His record speaks for itself. I've been so disappointed in many of the leaders we elect, who are supposedly pro-life, turning their back on that position once in office. Or, if they don't turn their back, they mouth the words without really fighting for pro-life.

Good post. Enjoyed the read. And thanks for you nice comments on Family Fountain.

Maxine said...

Elisabeth is one of my all time favorite people. How she has blessed so many of us through the years.

Now isn't that something, what you said about Ron Paul.

Beloved's Bride said...

I listened to the clip! It was excellent. I enjoy Elizabeth Elliot. How precious that you received cards and she read your letter on the air. Praise be to God for sweet encouragment!

Maria I. Morgan said...

Great post!I love Elizabeth Elliot! I've presented you with the Liebster Blog Award over at my site! Your posts have been a blessing! Enjoy!

Susan said...

Found your site through Maria Morgan's and I love it. Wife and homeschooling mom myself, your site resonated with me. And I love this post ~ especially Elizabeth's response to who we marry. So true, for hubby and I both...thank the Lord for His grace.