Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Modesty, Entertainment and Busy-Bodying

Just a quick link to an AMAZING READ.

There are articles here that are EXCELLENT and MUCH NEEDED!

An article on MODESTY will be found here, by the way would you wear a typical bathing suit to the bus stop? Isn't it true that the typical bathing suit is nothing more than underwear?


Mrs. Leslie Ludy tells it like it is!


I hope we won't be too busy to take the time to glean from this great online material, the articles are so very, very needed today...

The spirit of busyness is alive and well.

B.U.S.Y. = Being Under Satan's Yoke

We just moved to a new area and the one thing that seems to keep people from even being hospitable, grateful and gracious is BUSYNESS. Busyness is a trap! It hurts others! It keeps us from the better, sweeter things of the Lord. Beware!

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I hope you enjoy the refreshing read!

Have a great day, reach out and touch someone in Jesus! : )

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Reflect...Take Notice...Be Still

Me and our daughter Michelle on Mother's Day.

Much of what is sacred is hidden in the ordinary, everyday moments of our lives. To see something of the sacred in those moments takes slowing down so we can live our lives more reflectively. ~Ken Gire

Many times I have to stop and reflect on God's blessings in my life, there are so many. My family is one of the most huge blessings ever.

Lately I've been so blessed to enjoy the countryside here where we recently moved. It's like going back in time for me and there are evenings as I walk on our property and I see God's greatness and handiwork in the sweet solitude, I have to throw my hands up and praise Him for what He has done!

Before you think oh she is so spoiled please know, our home here isn't finished, closets are filled with tools as my hubby is working on our old home for resale still working on this one in between times. Things I took for granted in the city, now are things we say prayers over...our water well, our ill septic system, etc. But through the little inconveniences and the newness but yet wonderful familiarity I appreciate the beauty and solitude here so very much. It gives me time to think and appreciate and it really puts things in perspective...

The beauty of the little town and the elderly people there as I watch widows and widowers with such sweet hearts and such great attitudes on life as I notice them at the store shopping for the necessities of life slowly pushing their carts...But very quick to give me a loving smile...Oh how I love that!

Many days it's the whir of my sewing machine, the delight in creating my own clothing while listening to sweet music, lately the soundtrack to The Best Years of Our Lives (1948)...

Many a blessed evening it's the laughter of our four daughters...Watching Hubs on his old tractor...Knowing that the years of homeschooling has been and is a privilege and never ever to be taken for granted...

Watching the clouds go by in the evening...

Our four doglets and their sweet smiles, yes our dogs do smile...They are perfect examples of unconditional love...

Perhaps these are the best years of our lives if we will allow them to be and shun the busyness of Babylon...It's funny, sometimes people will look at me so very seriously and ask this gal...

"How do you like it there?"

I smile...and tell them how I do like it very much...

The only regret that I have is that I ever left here in the first place. Perhaps I'm a little older and a wee bit wiser now...

Be still and know that He is God.

Blessings to All, may we lift our country up in prayers.

Until the next time... ~Amelia

Friday, May 13, 2011

Jump Into Motherhood with Your WHOLE Heart

This afternoon I took the time to read this devotional in my inbox. It is so encouraging, I hope you enjoy it too...

Jump In!

Lately I've seen so much compromise and lack of integrity even in the homeschool realm. People may talk the talk but what are they spending time on? Who are they spending time with? Time is our currency, what are we teaching and what we spend our time on tells the tale. What are we stressing in our homeschools and homes? What is the end to what we are stressing?

Is it a quiet and peaceful life? Are we following the herd or are we following the Word? Shallow, immature popularity or Peace and Contentment with God? A true living relationship with the Lord Jesus or a Religious Groupie?

I hope we pick the better. It may not be the popular thing, no, you may not have a cheap junior high following but the higher road is usually not the popular road. I will say there is a sweet Peace there though, it's a Peace and Sweetness that money cannot buy, it's a sweetness of the Lord's Presence. He is our All.

Give us Father Knows Best again! With the Lord we can have that! Oh give us churches that will stand behind us! Give us grandparents that will stand for righteousness! Godly pastors once again. Homeschool families that love Jesus and not the world or it's system. Sweet true blue young women void of flirtations and forwardness, young women and men who will be faithful friends, not looking desperately as if they are starved for the approval or need of people or peers! Godly young men who recognize a sweet young lady when they see one not stupidly falling for Jezebel like a lamb led to slaughter. Parents who teach and warn their young people! Of course parents must have hearts right themselves to do this!

Sometimes when I see what is happening around us I ask outloud...

Where are the parents?

Oh may we stay on top of things! We do not have to participate in the system! We must stay in prayer and close fellowship with the Father in these perilous times. We must!

I loved this sweet photo of this darling young lady... It says so much. So very much.
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I hope everyone is having a sweet week in Jesus. Please feel free to check my thats-italian.blogspot for simple sewing and an easy breezy company meal. I also hope to have an old 40s movie recommendation very soon there as well. : ) Blessings to All!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Passing of a Legend. A Call to Anguish. David Wilkerson

My heart often longs for the “glory days” – those days when the lives of epic men of God once roamed this earth. Such men nowadays are rare and seemingly impossible to find. ~NRJohnson

As many of you know, Brother David Wilkerson passed into Eternity last week, April 27th 2011.

I thought you all may enjoy this tribute to him on the Ellerslie Training site.
You will find, two video sermons there, I Will Veil Myself in You, and A Call to Anguish. Please take the time to listen. These are powerful and life changing.

You may also glean so many sermons from David Wilkerson from sermondindex.net.

Sermonindex is featuring A Call to Anguish on their front page.

Please feel free to mute the music at the bottom of the page.