Friday, May 31, 2013

Checking In

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Hello Everyone, Just dropping a line to let you know I am mostly blogging at My Forest Cathedral for anyone who may be interested.  I may still post specials from time to time here of course and possibly the same specials will be at My Forest Cathedral too as the Lord leads.

You may ask:  How did you end up with three blogs?

This blog was started from our homeschool workshop we shared at for many years.  Thats_Italian was a spring from my xanga blog...and then the Lord has wonderfully moved us back to the country, where My Forest Cathedral blog is a journal of my journey there, my life in general which really includes all three of the above because it's my life!  Three in one! : ) 

Thank you for understanding!  I'll have the coffee on!

Love to All, I appreciate all who read here. Bless you!  ~amelia

Saturday, May 11, 2013


The Right Choice....

A MUST SEE Video. SEE IT HERE. Only seven and a half minutes long...I watched this last night as we had a huge torrential rain storm, hail was hitting the windows loudly as I've never heard before, but this video stood above it all.

Please pause my site music at bottom of page.  Thank you.

See this beautiful video for yourself...

For complete article from Life News you can see here: Video of Mommy Rejecting Abortion Thrills Facebook

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Must See Movie: "Gifted Hands the Ben Carson Story"

I'm watching this movie right now for the second time and it's touching some of my heartstrings for so many, many reasons.

Dr. Ben Carson is a modern day hero.  See this modern true inspiring will not be sorry!  Our entire family was glued to this movie. 
Oh God, give us more Dr. Ben Carsons!
I have found this great movie here on Amazon and here at

There are a few scenes in the operating room that may be a bit much for anyone weak kneed or for young children so be ready for that.   

The operating room scenes were just so emotional to me. Classical music was, is played by Dr. Carson in the operating room from what the movie portrays....These scenes are epic.
Dr. Carson holds his scrubbed hands up in one scene as he prays:  "Thy will be done" as he prepares to operate on a patient for the first time as he risks discipline...but saves a life.

This young man and now middle aged man is a true inspiration for our family.  He came from humble beginnings and I guarantee, you too will be inspired! If you are facing adversity you should be encouraged by this true modern story and how God is using this man even of late.

Praying for our country, so much going on.  Just so much.  

Love to All in Christ Jesus my Lord,    ~Amelia