Friday, May 31, 2013

Checking In

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Hello Everyone, Just dropping a line to let you know I am mostly blogging at My Forest Cathedral for anyone who may be interested.  I may still post specials from time to time here of course and possibly the same specials will be at My Forest Cathedral too as the Lord leads.

You may ask:  How did you end up with three blogs?

This blog was started from our homeschool workshop we shared at for many years.  Thats_Italian was a spring from my xanga blog...and then the Lord has wonderfully moved us back to the country, where My Forest Cathedral blog is a journal of my journey there, my life in general which really includes all three of the above because it's my life!  Three in one! : ) 

Thank you for understanding!  I'll have the coffee on!

Love to All, I appreciate all who read here. Bless you!  ~amelia


Amanda said...

It was so nice to see what you've been up to. I wondered why I've not gotten updates from the forest cathedral, somehow google has taken me out. I resubscribed myself just now and will look forward to keeping up with you.

take care,


Amelia said...

Hello Amanda! Oh my, that is a shame that My Forest Cathedral blog wasn't showing up...I bet it happened when you closed your blog? I'm thankful you re-signed in and the mystery was solved. : )

I'm so thankful for you Amanda. God bless you! xxxooo ~amelia