Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dreamy Sweetness. Shirley Temple, Come and Get Your Happiness

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm - 1938

Why wouldn't anyone not like this sweetness?

These Shirley Temple movies are so darling. Darling for the entire family too. Timeless! You may enjoy collecting them. This is one of our favorites!

We attended an old, old church last weekend where my parents were married. The choir actually sounded exactly like the chorus in the video that comes in at around 1:22.

As we sat in the old church service, joy came to my heart but sadness too, knowing the culture is so very different. We say no to the culture and yes to sweetness!

If each of our families keep our homes sweet, then think of the inner revolution in the country!

Jesus is the sweetest name I know...

We should never be ashamed of holiness or sweetness. Never apologize for that!

Are our homes a refuge? Ones of sweetness and the Peace of Christ?

Say yes to Peace and the real deal, say no to the culture. As Christians we should be different. ...In that sweet way of course. : )

Love to All, ~Amelia