Friday, September 9, 2011

The Story of Will Rogers, a Bible Study and a Blessing!

At our house we are always looking for a good ol' movie. We love 40s movies at our house because in the 40s it was a bit more of a God fearing time in our country for the most part. WWII had everyone in their place and their knees so to speak. Sometimes we'll see some nice movies from the 50s too. This is one of them!

Story of Will Rogers (1952) A wonderful movie for the entire family!

This was very enjoyable, Will Rogers is played by Will Rogers Jr. and it's in color to boot! Our family loves black and white but a good wholesome movie in color is a nice rare treat these days.

This film is not only good entertainment, it is a look at American society from 1920 to 1935. Definitely should be seen.


The Lord put in on my heart to do this Bible Study with my four daughters, ages 17 to 28. They are here at home, when not working or doing ministry for the Lord. We homeschool (life lessons never end!) and what a delight it is to sit around the kitchen table over some tea and cookies and enjoy this study. The book has been in our home for many years and the time is now to really sit and enjoy it with all of our girls. : )

The Joy of Womanhood, The Keepers at Home Series, Keepers of the Faith

Our daughters? You can see some fun shots of late on our daughter, Marianna's blog:
The Musings of Marianna


And I received such a blessing!
The Liebster Award
from Maria Morgan at:

Life Lessons

Thank you Maria! You made my week and probably my month too! God sure knows what He is doing in the encouragement department and when we need it. Y'all go visit Maria, she is a new blogging friend and freelance writer with wonderful articles on walking the Christian walk. It is such a pleasure getting to know her. I know you too will enjoy her blog.

I'm not very good at giving awards but I would like to say, the comments I receive here and my other blogs are such a blessing, and if you take the time to give encouraging comments than I think you are a love. Isn't that what it's all about in blogland at least for those who call themselves Christians? Encouraging and lifting each other up? : )

Praise God for people like Maria and those who are willing to take the time to encourage!
I have a really good really Italian soup recipe on my thats-italian.blogspot along with some more old movies etc.

Also don't forget to meet my buddy at My Forest Cathedral, the nursing home is a blessing for meeting new friends, talk about the best godly socialization around for our children no matter what the age.

Have a nice weekend to all, be friendly to folks at church. Be Jesus with skin on! People don't care what you know or have to say until you show how much you care. : )


Thursday, September 1, 2011


Once again, Elisabeth Elliott has it right-on. This could change your life! : )

Some of my most cherished things are two postcards handwritten to me by Elisabeth Elliot with comforting words on them as I was carrying our last little baby girl, Rebecca now 17. Elisabeth told me God was already with me.

I was on bedrest with complications and a threat of premature delivery at 5 months; I was a bit frightened and apprehensive with something new to me at the time...a birth center delivery. Do you know Dr. Ron Paul would have delivered my baby girl if I were transported to the hospital?

Our baby girl was delivered at the birth center by a praying team of midwives, a robust nine pound healthy sweet baby girl!

Elisabeth Elliot would also later read a letter I wrote to her over the air, I cannot tell you what a blessing she was and still is to me. I'll never forget that morning putting my makeup on and out of the blue, I hear Elisabeth Elliot reading my letter over the radio... Sometimes we need things like that. Encouragement goes a long, long way.

The Courage to Be a Woman

Series: A Conversation with Elisabeth Elliot

Leslie Basham: Elisabeth Elliot says, “If a woman gets married she is going to marry . . .

Elisabeth Elliot: . . . sinful person. There isn’t anything else to marry. I say that to women all the time. You’ve got to remember, whomever you marry, he’s a sinner. There isn’t anything else to marry.

To read or listen in entirety: HERE
Have a blessed day, everyday is a journal page what will we compose?
~Amelia My blog on everyday life, My Forest Cathedral Come meet my buddy! : )

My recipe and old retro thoughts blog: thats-italian I have a playful blog up now and will be posting a wonderful easy-breezy soup recipe today!