Monday, November 21, 2011

Are You Feeling......REALLY BUMMED?

loading ... So you're feeling bummed today? I dislike using too much modern terminology but I figured we can all relate to being "Bummed Out".

This is wonderful, beautiful, excellent and I think it may encourage many today. I pray the Lord Jesus will use this to bless your heart as it blessed mine. Just look at this sweet lady's face on the below link, it shines Jesus. Meet Evelyn Christenson who crossed over to the other side Nov. 1.

Jesus, Jesus, Precious Jesus.

Facing Life's Final Season: Remembering Evelyn Christenson

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: As Evelyn Christenson entered the final season of her life, her heart was set on one goal.

Evelyn Christenson: My goal has been to be like Jesus, to be conformed to the image of God’s dear Son. I have worked at that for most of my adult life. That has been my goal, to be conformed to the image of God’s dear Son, and when I see Him . . .

I hope everyone will have a sweet, peaceful Thanksgiving. I'm sitting here with my two oldest daughters (26 & 29) getting ready to color. Yes. Color. We like to color in coloring books, it's relaxing. We are listening to Fernando Ortega's Christmas cd. Beautiful.

xxxooo Love, ~Amelia

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Fear Of The Lord: Malachi's Resurgence

MUST-HEAR sermon we heard this morning in Homechurch. I pray it will be a blessing for you. Let us hear these words. One of the best sermons we've heard in a long while.

From the late Leonard Ravenhill's son. Photo above of the late Leonard Ravenhill from

The Fear Of The Lord: Malachi's Resurgence
by David Ravenhill

Description: Here we are confronted by one of America’s foremost, modern, “prophets” as he deals with several of church’s most fundamental truths: the fear of God, and the Holy Spirit—and we find his message greeted largely with silence. He crosses all denominational lines, and spares no one. Yet, when he is finished, and we look at ourselves and the North American church one cannot but wonder what will become of us if, as the brother points out, the church doesn’t get its act together. Can we really hope to survive, as a nation and as a people, if we continue to prefer our denominational dogmas, in the place of Scripture? The ramifications of this sermon are devastating.

We thank the Lord for Sincerely so. My husband receives their podcasts and they are a blessing to us.

I hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday. Thank you so much for the most encouraging comments on the last entry, they blessed my heart and are appreciated more than you may ever know or realize. ~Amelia