Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is an Emergency...Father We Will Lead Them Home.

Yesterday my daughter (16) and I were riding in the car together sharing buddy time on the way to her pointe lessons...and this song came on, a cd she likes by Leeland. This song just struck my heart in a major way like never before. I feel like our country is in an emergency from so many angles...

What is our passion? Is it Jesus?

From our Father flows living life. We must be connected with the Father to receive that life....spending time with Him. To know His heart we must spend that time with Him. In order to keep focused on the Father without distractions being totally tuned into Him and His spirit we must be focused on Him, listening to Him. Say no to busyness, say yes to Jesus and the Peace He so freely gives us...Share the peace and love with others, the checkers at the store etc. and please don't forget your local nursing home, the nursing home is just one place that is a much forgotten and very important mission field.

(Please feel free to mute the music at the bottom of the page.)

After her pointe lesson our daughter gave the cd to her Christian ballet teacher to consider songs such as this one for the upcoming recital.

Loving others making our religion true religion as the Bible describes...that is the best homeschool ever. : )

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Hope everyone is having a sweet week. Keep looking to Jesus! : )