Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is an Emergency...Father We Will Lead Them Home.

Yesterday my daughter (16) and I were riding in the car together sharing buddy time on the way to her pointe lessons...and this song came on, a cd she likes by Leeland. This song just struck my heart in a major way like never before. I feel like our country is in an emergency from so many angles...

What is our passion? Is it Jesus?

From our Father flows living life. We must be connected with the Father to receive that life....spending time with Him. To know His heart we must spend that time with Him. In order to keep focused on the Father without distractions being totally tuned into Him and His spirit we must be focused on Him, listening to Him. Say no to busyness, say yes to Jesus and the Peace He so freely gives us...Share the peace and love with others, the checkers at the store etc. and please don't forget your local nursing home, the nursing home is just one place that is a much forgotten and very important mission field.

(Please feel free to mute the music at the bottom of the page.)

After her pointe lesson our daughter gave the cd to her Christian ballet teacher to consider songs such as this one for the upcoming recital.

Loving others making our religion true religion as the Bible describes...that is the best homeschool ever. : )

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Hope everyone is having a sweet week. Keep looking to Jesus! : )


Jane B. Gaddy said...

Amelia, what an awesome responsibility we have to "lead them home." I'm afraid we get stuck in our comfort zones and fail to do our jobs. I've been speaking with a Jewish man and his wife for several days. They're in their late 80's. It's extremely difficult to witness to Jews, but I am loving them, praying that God will do the work because someone cares. This is a great post. I'm fascinated by you and your family. What a joy! God bless you tonight, my friend! Jane

Amelia said...

Hello Jane, So very glad to hear from you, your comments are always such special blessing to me. : )

That is so wonderful that you are ministering to the Jewish couple. Wow. In our town several years ago I noticed a darling elderly couple at the local coffee house...I noticed how the husband took such care of his wife making sure her coffee drink was just as she liked. They were waiting for an interview from the newspaper I later found out. Their beautiful son, their only child was one of the young attorneys at the DA's office in our county. He had been robbed and murdered in cold blood in front of the Jewish community center in the urban city. I had remembered the horrendous barbaric act years ago on the news.

I had found out later that the elderly Jewish father of this young man is a Holocaust survivor. It makes me weep til this day.

Once I had an experience with a Jewish woman. She was married to a crazy Cajun on fire for the Lord, he was a house painter with a big burly beard and she owned an employee agency, he would jump out of his van and pass out Christian tracts at railroad crossings! His truck had "Jesus is Lord" painted on the side. Her daughter attended a well to do school in the city and he would go up to the school in his painting clothes when a problem would arise, the whole thing was just so hilarious, but they were real people and I loved them. They were quite a match! lol I was able to connect with her because we both had that family tradition, we both understood the importance of family. She gradually accepted Jesus as her Messiah and attends a Messianic church now. : )

You seem to be such a special lady, what a sweet appointment it is from the Lord that you came across my blog. It is a great blessing and encouragement to me.

You have encouraged me to keep on passing the joy and care and not to grow weary or discouraged when feeling other Christians are being a bit aloof. Bless you dear friend! A hug. ~Amelia

Jane B. Gaddy said...

Great, great stories, Amelia! One more little thing about the Jewish couple. I saw them again this morning. Charlie and Eleanor. Charlie fought in WWII in the China-Burma-India campaign. He's way in his 80's and took a bad fall not too long ago. It left him with the inability to gather his thoughts enough to have a full conversation. He starts and then says, "I can't talk." My heart bleeds, but I keep saying, "Yes, you're doing great, Charlie. Please finish the story." And he tries again. I'm reading Laura Bush's story, and this morning through tears of my own, I told Charlie how Laura's father fought in Germany, had photos of people who had been killed in the death camps, and when he came home, he put them in a box and never spoke about them. She said when she looked at them years later, it seemed like a small world, but a couple of days after the inauguration, she, President Bush and her mother went to the Holocaust Remembrance. He spoke, they showed a bigger than life presentation and they spotted the flag of her father's company flying (the Wolf with open mouth howling). She and her mother wept and realized it was a much bigger, even sadder world than those pictures portrayed. When I told Charlie the story, he was wiping tears. I just wanted them to know someone remembers and someone cares about Israel.

Sorry about the not so little message. Maybe you're read the book!

Good night!

Amelia said...

I so enjoyed your wonderful comments and sharings here...

Oh my, on the couple you are counseling, the man, not being able to talk, it brings tears to my eyes.

That is so interesting about Laura Bush's father, so many of our Veterans have so much to say and talk about. They are our treasures. It's so hard to believe that there has been so much suffering and even now there is so much. It's so hard for me to handle but we must know what has happened and is happening.

Praying for our country and our world, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here once again. What an interesting and neat lady you are! : )

Bless you Jane, ~Amelia