Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Emancipation of Womanhood

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Catherine Marshall author of "A Man Called Peter", in her inspiring personal story, "To Live Again" shares an excerpt from one of her famous husband's most popular sermons. Her husband was of course the late Peter Marshall, former Chaplain of the U.S. Senate.

"The emancipation of womanhood began with Christianity and it ends with Christianity. . . .

When women in this country achieved equality with men it was accomplished only by stepping down from the pedestal on which Christianity, chivalry, and idealism had placed her. . . .

So she copied the vices of men---in the name of progress!
But it is not progress to go in a downward direction.
It is not progress to lower moral standards and to
lose ideals!
No woman ever became lovelier by losing her essential

There is no substitute for goodness . . .
nothing can take the place of purity.
To be sweet is far better than to be sophisticated.

America needs young women who will build true homes, Whether they live in two rooms---or ten . . .
whether starched white organdy curtains hang at the windows---or silk damask.

We need homes where harassed husbands may find peace
refreshment of body and soul . . .
where children may find the warmth of love . . .
where friends may find hospitality
and joy.

Only out of such homes will go men with strength and courage to help the United States build a new and a better world.

To make such homes is therefore, any woman's supreme contribution to her country and to her generation. . . . "

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Classic Trends and Traps

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An excerpt from one of the books I'm reading at present, Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider

"...I'm referring to the classic trend we see in many middle-class families today: Mom serving as the taxi, and the kids being carted around from every official activity the family can afford, be it Boy Scouts, violin practice, Little League, or even a simple playdate. Kids in today's generation have nowhere near the amount of free time their parents and grandparents enjoyed in their childhood. Climbing trees, building forts, and lazy days reading a book have been replaced with improving talents for that lofty college application. I wonder what our children's memories will be when they reflect on their upbringing-an innocent time full of play and exploration, or the booster seat on the way to ballet practice?"

I wonder too. Lately my heart drops when I notice fellow homeschoolers and what all their schedules now entail, lesson upon lesson, class upon class. It seems Babylon has entered into the homeschool realm in many areas...

Beware of Busyness. So much of it is worn like a badge of honor. Perhaps a Badge of Babylon? What is this teaching our children?

The real goal should be that sweet contentment in Christ knowing our steps are gently ordered by Him. Wait and pray. Pray and wait for His answers. : ) Is our schedule His schedule? Or are we making our schedules and then asking God to bless them instead of asking God His plan first? Are our schedule books more important than our Bibles and prayer? Accolades of men or women? So many things come to play in the world of Babylon. Babylon can be anywhere, any town, any place, it could even be at church. It's a place of the heart.

May we be part of a higher, sweeter Kingdom of the Lord where our sweet Jesus reigns.

This song always puts things in perspective for me, enjoy and be blessed as we keep our eyes on Jesus. Feel free to mute the music at the bottom of the page.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Have You Heard of Baby Joseph?

Baby  Joseph has captured the heart of millions
Baby Joseph has captured the heart of millions

This is a case very similar to Terri Schiavo, the unbelievable murder in our own country several years ago.
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Has this culture of death sunk to such evil lows? Do doctors in the medical establishment think they should have this power, against the parent's wishes never the less? Can you imagine what the parents of Baby Joseph are going through? The mother of Baby Joseph recently said..

"I feel like they are taking my baby away from me."

I'm just not understanding the silence on this in the general media.

This scenario is coming to a hospital near you. It already has in our country. The shameful Terri Schiavo story. Every day babies are murdered in the womb. There are prolifers being squelched now. It's so true what Laura Ingraham said this morning on the radio in respect to the hypocrisy of liberals wanting prolife billboards shut down:

"Liberals are not very liberal."

Read more about Baby Joseph HERE on LifeSiteNews

Read more on how Fr. Pavone is trying to bring Baby Joseph to the US from Canada: HERE

For our family? In our area? We have not heard a thing about Baby Joseph. Just as we did not hear of the Gosnell report two entries down.

I'll be transparent, I have thought of taking the image of the poor little baby from my site on the Gosnell report entry. I thought maybe it's too much. But I thought "no!" If I do that I am no better than anyone else shelving anything uncomfortable just as the church did during the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. Just as the liberals are doing trying to shut down prolife billboards! My blog is God's blog and as long as He gives me strength to blog and the inspiration of what to share, I will blog what He would want me to blog. God made me who I am.

If that means an old black and white movie that touches the depth of my heart and speaks lessons from the Lord, so be it. If it means God's people from various Christian faiths are used to touch my heart as they serve for Christ, God bless them. God bless them. Being a Christian is a personal relationship with Christ, making Him Lord, not to mention the most loving Father ever.

Something to think about:

What will we tell our grandchildren when they ask what we did to stop the babies from being killed?

This age we are in is going to picture much like the Holocaust to future generations...People will ask how could that have happened?