Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Classic Trends and Traps

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An excerpt from one of the books I'm reading at present, Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider

"...I'm referring to the classic trend we see in many middle-class families today: Mom serving as the taxi, and the kids being carted around from every official activity the family can afford, be it Boy Scouts, violin practice, Little League, or even a simple playdate. Kids in today's generation have nowhere near the amount of free time their parents and grandparents enjoyed in their childhood. Climbing trees, building forts, and lazy days reading a book have been replaced with improving talents for that lofty college application. I wonder what our children's memories will be when they reflect on their upbringing-an innocent time full of play and exploration, or the booster seat on the way to ballet practice?"

I wonder too. Lately my heart drops when I notice fellow homeschoolers and what all their schedules now entail, lesson upon lesson, class upon class. It seems Babylon has entered into the homeschool realm in many areas...

Beware of Busyness. So much of it is worn like a badge of honor. Perhaps a Badge of Babylon? What is this teaching our children?

The real goal should be that sweet contentment in Christ knowing our steps are gently ordered by Him. Wait and pray. Pray and wait for His answers. : ) Is our schedule His schedule? Or are we making our schedules and then asking God to bless them instead of asking God His plan first? Are our schedule books more important than our Bibles and prayer? Accolades of men or women? So many things come to play in the world of Babylon. Babylon can be anywhere, any town, any place, it could even be at church. It's a place of the heart.

May we be part of a higher, sweeter Kingdom of the Lord where our sweet Jesus reigns.

This song always puts things in perspective for me, enjoy and be blessed as we keep our eyes on Jesus. Feel free to mute the music at the bottom of the page.


Amanda said...

great post.
but then I would expect none less from you Amelia:)
Your post are always filled with such Godly truth.

my husband and I were just talking last night about busy body families.

Reminds me of an article I read and saved on my computer...
"Taking the Home out of Homeschool"

Amelia said...

Thank you Amanda. You are a blessing. : )

I love the name of that article..."Takeing the Home out of Homeschool" That is exactly what has happened to so many. ...Makes me sad.

auntie said...

My dearest heart, you speak to those of us who yearn for the peace and quiet of home when circumstances do take us away. When I talk to the kids in my class about how they spend their free time I want to cry at their answers. What has happened to the innocence of homely chores and days spent exploring? The younger generation will regret their loss.

Amelia said...

Auntie, Thank you so much for sharing, so nice to hear from a sweet kindred spirit. I understand exactly how you must feel. I see it all around me in our area. Heartbreaking. People are trading real life; the gold, for a cheap counterfeit in so many areas of life.

In the book, "Last Child in the Woods" one of the quotes from a child is something to the effect of: "I like to be inside because that is where the electric outlets are".

It all makes me want to cry too, especially when I see even homeschool parents entering into the synthetic lifestyle.

WinkAtTheCabDriver said...

There's a dear little girl in my life who is not coping well with life, at the age of 5, and her mom was naming off all the activities the little girl is involved in, after being in "school" (daycare) all day. The girl is literally rarely home, has little time with her family and is already kind of falling apart and drifting away. Your post made me think of her and all the others being sucked into that crazy lifestyle. The parents indeed wear the busyness like a badge and it's heartbreaking!

Ugh! Being a parent is soooo hard, though. My heart goes out to those who are misguided, for I find myself misguided from time to time and I think, "Oh, no! What will my Little Mister suffer because of my mistakes?" I pray these overly-busy families realize their errors before it's too late and will do what's needed to be obedient. :) There IS a difference between seeking the Lord and missing the mark sometimes, and just simply living life the way we want, blind to the ill effects of our actions. Oh, may these parents see the light!

And those of us who have seen that light, may we remember.

Thanks for your special care and how that always shines through in what your write. I miss you!!!!!!!

Maxine said...

I know all about it, Amelia. It's a problem I once had but God has since delivered me. As usual, you are right on with what you have to say here.

Just stopped by to say hello, dear friend. Hope all is well.