Saturday, August 20, 2011

When I Hear the Praises Start, This Ministered to Me Today

This ministered to me this morning. Sometimes things look bad in the world, sometimes our hearts are hurt, other times we rejoice to tears seeing the Lord's goodness. I hope this ministers to your spirit too today and throughout the week.

(Feel free to mute the music at bottom of page)

Hubs and I saw Keith Green in concert in 1982. He was killed that summer in a small plane crash...I was expecting my first baby, Lea. Melody Green, Keith Green's wife was also expecting. Lea is now 28 serving Jesus. We've homeschooled for going on 22 years now. We have four daughters ages 17 to 28, all serving the Lord in some capacity. May Jesus be engrained in them throughout their lives. May God be the glory. May we hold on to Him in these last days.

If you do homeschool remember the reason. The outcome will usually reflect the reason and heart in which we homeschool.

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What have you been up to? Here is my blog, My Forest Cathedral for updates at the Forest Cathedral with our family's goings ons.

Healthy guiltless recipes, easy sewing projects and old fashioned movies the entire family can watch? You may like my thats-italian blog.

Take care all, may we keep our eyes on JESUS.

For an audience of One, ~Amelia


Marianna said...

Oh, I needed to hear this song today. Love it. <3

I like the coffee-lady picture too... we always look like that right after we wake up and are drinking our coffee and wearing our pearls... right?? haha!

RetroRocketGal said...

Always loved Keith Green. Saw their old house near Tyler, Texas, years ago. Open to the public during Bible studies, I think. Still has the 60's decorating.

Anyhow, do you know any women between 35 and 45 who might be interested in this gentleman? I found this post on Lady Lydia's blog (she writes for Ladies Against Feminism).

Warren Baldwin said...

Neat, I became aware of Keith Green shortly after he died. What a loss. It seems Melody had newsletter that I read for everal years.

I linked here from Ron's site. I liked what you wrote in response to his post on "The Green Thing."