Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Peace Adds, Busyness Takes Away: Part III

Hi De Ho! Here is Part III of my guest series on Little Acre. I hope you have enjoyed the series. Happy autumn everyone, the picture below is of our daughters. : )

Years ago, some of my fondest memories were of me with my little girls at a friends home, a friend who also had little girls. Another friend of ours, Peggy, was there with her girls too. The homeschool climate then? We were pioneer homeschool moms. It was a time when men were going to jail for their family's right to homeschool. Our girls were sitting around the table cutting out pictures of mammals from National Geographic magazines and such. That was as far into outclassing as we went, our little girls were happy as little larks.

The sweetest times ever also included taking my little girls into the little old town to Mrs.. Blount's house for piano lessons. Piano lessons was their one extra lesson. Mrs.. Blount was a sweet Christian woman who would end up being like a grandmother to my girls and confidant' of mine. Oh how we loved that saint of God! Her life stories from WWII and her accounts of black-outs in the city were amazing, her remembrance of a little girl in her class from England sent here by relatives for safety. We marveled at pictures of her as a young woman, she had been a Greer Garson look alike. We marveled at the strength and faith in the Lord she had as a young widow left with three children. What a special friend! I always stressed to our girls, we can have friends of all ages, younger and older
We lived in the country then too, and at first as a young mother I would worry that my girls were not having enough playtime with other children. Our oldest little girls, Lea and Marianna, now twenty-nine and twenty-seven were around five and seven at the time said.."Mommy, we have each other". They will still tell me, they had a precious childhood, they never even thought anything else ever. Remember too, John the Baptist was an only child and was raised in the desert!
Back then Jonathan Lindvall was a great help in his encouragements as well. His tapes helped confirm things in my heart as I was on bed rest with our fourth baby homeschooling from the couch.
Amelia and Girls

Things I regret?
When we moved into the suburbs for a season we naively and unknowingly entered into some support group twaddle busy-busy activities that provided stress that really should not have ever been. It was a slight, subtle case of The Emperor's New Clothes. Thank God I realized that the Emperor was naked and we wised up to some of the unnecessary busyness and pressure. Isn't one of the beauties of homeschooling the sweet peaceful life? This is not to pick on every extra activity, although I will ask,
"What are you doing that for?"
I ask that often..."What are we doing this for?" "Why?" ...Remember the little boy who asked why? Well you can call me, the mom who asked and keeps asking why.
 His yoke is easy and His burden is light.
Take the Peace,
take the joy.
Step off the gerbil wheel. Let Christ be your everything. Let's keep our homes a place of praise to the Lord. Live, laugh, and love in Jesus our Savior. Pray, talking to the Father always. You and your children giving thanks through folding laundry, or singing hymns when washing dishes and cooking. Praise His name all ye people! Remember, His yoke is easy and His burden is light; we need only to rest comfortably under it, and keep in step with the quiet gentle pace of our Savior.
Comments are always appreciated and welcomed!  They are a gift to my heart!   ~Amelia


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I'm so glad you reposted this series Amelia. Reading each post for the second time has been such an encouragement to me. You chose the perfect title. Thank you!

Beloved's Bride said...

I also enjoyed reading your post again, Mrs. Amelia. I love reading about what you did with the girls when they were younger.