Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Peace Adds, Busyness Takes Away: Part II

Hello Friends, This is Part II of my guest post previously posted at Amanda's blog, Little Acre.  Enjoy and be blessed...

Not long ago, I picked up my old freshman high school yearbook. In it were things that grieved my spirit. There were things that were winked at in that school that, as a Christian, I do not want any part of now. There was a coldness about it all...
Idolization of high academics,
rock and roll dances and Malibu tanned girls.
Even as I type this I cringe.
Unfortunately, much of our area homeschool group looks similar now. The lure of the world,
the pride of man,
wanting to fit in.
Grown women wanting to fit in. Grown women wanting to put academics on the throne and put the Lord to the side. Grown women shunning godly sweet things in favor of fitting into a very wide, sick culture. Imagine such a thing? But it can happen if we are not careful. Oh yes, you too can grow your own Tower of Babel right in your own backyard, or even in your heart!
The Forest Cathedral a 

How do we avoid the Tower of Babel Syndrome? Spending time with the Lord and His Word. Knowing that many times if the Herd is doing something or going a certain way, maybe we had better take a second look. Follow the Word not the Herd!
Realizing that if things are a supposed given, it may not be exactly God's plan or given for you, and most likely it shouldn't even be a given at all.
Have you ever seen the book titled "Stop the Christmas Machine"? Well, I would like to warn, "Stop the Modern Homeschool Machine". Consider everything you do. Don't be a discontent mom; be a mature, content mom, be a sweet, cheerful mom. Laughing with our kids is a beautiful thing, joking with our kids is a beautiful thing! Making a mess can be a beautiful thing! But sometimes from what I see it's not laughing, cheerful, joyful, moms, it's immature laughing moms all too eager to enter into gossip and an addictive, empty need to run the roads, all the while displaying a make believe badge of busyness.
It's sad but true. We need to stop and take heed, and *gasp* …
be willing to stand alone.
We must be secure in Jesus alone.
We need to teach our children it's okay to stand alone.
Consider and pray, pray and consider.
Plod along peacefully.
Remember, if we are too busy to have dinner as a family, to cook healthy meals, then we are probably too busy.
The most peaceful homes I know of are of women plodding along intentionally, sweetly, making their homes a place of peace and praise. How many outside classes do we need?
Do we need any?
Whatever happened to homemaking? Whatever happened to venerating the idea of sons in a good hands on job, perhaps to be a good honorable farmer with skill? When is the last time we heard anything like that?
What does the Lord want?
Whose voice will we heed?
Will we be still enough,
long enough to spend that time with the Lord to hear His still small Voice?
Will our sons and daughters know that still small Voice?
Who is speaking louder to our hearts, the Lord or society?
Photos taken of Amelia and her husband and the beautiful views at their home and what she calls her Forest Cathedral.  You can find her at My Forest Cathedral where she blogs about her thoughts and perceptions on day to day life as she walks with her  Savior in her journey to simplicity where He is All.
And, If you have a vision for a Godly home; are seeking a home of Peace and Joy, where the heart of Jesus is reflected, you can find her writing over at; A Vision for a Godly Home.

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