Monday, October 22, 2012

Peace Adds, Busyness Takes Away: Part I

Following is a three-part guest post I had prayerfully written for Amanda at 'Little Acre' blog.  I thought I would share here since Amanda saw fit to close down Little Acre blog.  I do hope you enjoy the posts and that God is glorified as we as Children of the Father cling to Him for direction in our daily lives listening ever so carefully...       ~Amelia   

Peace Adds, Busyness Takes Away: Part I

Peace Adds, Busyness Takes Away: Part I

Lately as I've approached my middle aged years, at the age of 51 I realize that time really does fly as the older generation had warned me.  My "baby" who actually titled this article for me? She's eighteen now and is finishing up homeschooling this summer, as far as the traditional definition of education.
Those of us who homeschool from our hearts know that education never stops though, it's ongoing…

The quiet hours as of late have lent to much contemplation, much thinking of our sweet homeschool of over twenty-two years.
As I was making the decision over twenty-two years ago to homeschool, I remember standing in the massive library with my little girls and then newborn in her infant seat staring at the small section of homeschool books. There in that quiet most stoic place, where as my dad says, it's the kind of place that makes you want to spit your gum out, I was facing the consternation of our church for even considering homeschooling. Our good friends, who I now realize were merely acquaintances, dropped us, much as if we were building an ark in our backyard.
I knew the sweetness was pulling at my heart then though. I knew the solitude I was feeling was a sweet one, the Lord was right there holding my hand. That's not to say that there would not be doubts, but the Lord won out. One July Sunday in one of our favorite lunch spots, the pastor's wife made the comment loudly from across the room to me almost mockingly, her words were loud: "Are you still going to homeschool Amelia? We have a sweet teacher for Lea's grade this year..." The words were said in a nanny-nanny-boo-boo...sing-song way as our anti-ark acquaintances grinned like Cheshire cats at me from across our round table. After our lunch, as we were driving home, I shared with my husband my new doubts even though my new Bob Jones curriculum was shining brightly at home. I even verbalized and entertained the idea that maybe I should send the curriculum back. My husband wisely said;
"The Bible says a double minded man is unstable in all his ways"
Wow. He was right. End of story. It was as if the Lord clicked his heels and brought me back to Heavenly thinking on the subject and away from the land of doubt. I'm so ashamed now that the enemy had so easily discouraged me then! I was almost robbed of such a lifelong blessing!
Throughout life we have choices.
Every day we have choices.
Heaven or Harvard?
Busyness or Peace?
Popularity with man,
or Peace and fellowship with God?
Sweetness or worldly culture?

If we are going to have a sweet godly home then we must be intentional. Intentional about what? Intentional about keeping things sweet and peaceful in the Lord. Keeping Jesus number One. For an Audience of One. Talk to God, talk to Him a lot and keep Him on that throne.
Our will or His will?


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Thank you so much Amelia for posting this series at your own blog. I didn't realize that Amanda had closed down her blog. I will miss her posts and her beautiful photos of her life at home. Your series ministered to me the first time I read it and this first post touched me again now. As I look back I am so glad that we made the choice to keep on homeschooling all the way through even when other Christians questioned our decision (which went along the lines of 'Why would you homeschool when there is a perfectly good Christian school here) and other homeschoolers returned their children to school usually for social or academic reasons. I know each time I had doubts about my own ability the Lord kept prompting me to keep going forward, step by step - that there would be a harvest to come if we kept faithful and intentional. Praying that these post will be a great help to those just starting out on the journey.

Amelia said...

Hi Ann, I'm so sorry to be so late to reply to your sweet comment, things became so busy here, a homeschool graduation party, and an ER visit with one of our daughters, 7 kidney stones of all things... Please pray for healing. : )

I'm so glad this was an encouragement to you! Your comment was certainly an encouragement to me.

Bless you Ann as we journey together for our Father. I hope you are having a sweet Christmas season!