Sunday, March 25, 2012

What's Your Face Shot? Heart Shot?

David Wilkerson Face Shot
Description: A gospel is being preached that is withering everything that is in sight. Everything that is green and Godly and pure is being withered. The seed is rotten - there is a famine of hearing the pure Word of the Lord.... there is no pasture. The flocks are desolate and hungry. The rivers are drying up. A strange fire is devouring the pastors. Ezekiel says that Shepherds are trampling down the good pasture and eating the best for themselves. What are the shameful disgraceful things that are happening in the Church of Jesus Christ today?

Today Dh and I heard this sermon: It's Time to Get Right With God

You can also find many, many excellent David Wilkerson sermons at the above site as well as

Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday eve. I think sites like World Challenge and are wonderful in these last days.

< "They won't see me" ; )
Let's be kind bloggers with integrity. You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool God. Some people just don't seem very kind or thoughtful, perhaps even respecters of persons in their blogging habits, who they link to or lack to link to etc.? Perhaps I'm being transparent but that's just me. An old homeschooling bud told me once....Amelia you are very honest... As far as I'm concerned it's the only way. : )

Don't mean to sound fussy, but I sure become disappointed sometimes...

Thanking God for the friends who glean from this blog who do have that integrity and fortitude to stand with who and what is right unto the Lord and not be ashamed of blogging partners and friends. : )

Love, ~Amelia

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