Thursday, March 8, 2012

Run For Your Life!

We have got to lay our lives down for the purposes of God.

This is a war for the souls of man! Come out from among them!

Run for your life! Because this is about your life! It's not just about an imposing theology or conflicting viewpoint...This is about your life!

Run from churches where men are glorified and not Christ!

If you come into the House of God and you have sin in your life and you are not convicted of it you're at a table of devils.

~Carter Conlon

To hear more sermons by Carter Conlon, the late David Wilkerson and others see:

This is a partial re-post from 2009. The Lord quickened me to post this again. This is a message from Carter Conlon assistant pastor to the late David Wilkerson from Time Square Church in New York.

May we hang together and hold on tight in prayers encouraging one another. I'm shocked by the deception I've seen lately. The Bible says be careful brethren lest you be deceived.

Love in Christ, ~Amelia


Mary said...

Yup, we've had to run.

Amelia said...

Us too. It's bad when churches are a bad influence. (Not all but many)

Amelia said...

Mary, I left a reply in the below entry you commented on too.