Friday, March 30, 2012

'Try Giving Yourself Away' by David Dunn. Great Book so Far. Isn't This What it's All About? : )

I am reading a wonderful book entitled "Try Giving Yourself Away" by David Dunn written in 1947. It's is a delightful book so far! For me, the name of Jesus will definitely be included in any jewels given this week. : )

Following is an excerpt keep in mind this was written in 1947!

These are troubled times. The world is full of strife and heartache. Men and women everywhere seek peace of mind and heart, and wish desperately that they as individuals could do something toward lifting the heavy blanket of gloom and fear that oppresses mankind.

Perhaps you and I can help. More than anything else, the world needs the healing influence of a great surge of simple kindheartedness, to rid humanity of jealousy, selfishness and greed. Such a surge must start with us, as individuals; it is beyond the power of the world's rulers or statesmen. In our daily living we average citizens must establish the spirit and set the pattern of a kindlier world.

I invite you to join me in my hobby. ~DAVID DUNN

That's enough for now, maybe next time I blog I'll share things my dad did for others that I keenly observed when I was a little girl and beyond...God's blessings to All.

Let me know if you tried this this week, I would love to hear your jewels of giving of yourself to others!
I hope to post excerpts as well soon, if you are interested. : ) Maybe we'll get on a roll! I hope so! What's our Heart Shot? May God be glorified!

May we be praying about ways to be jewels to others (strangers, little children, compliments to managers on store windows and the window dressers, ideas for companies, notes of encouragement, unappreciated moms and dads of friends, discouraged businessmen etc.) ...Sweet surprises this week, just think how enriching this would make our own lives by blessing others daily at least once?

Love, ~Amelia

Maybe some of you would like to know what my daughters are up to these days? A sweet blogging friend suggested this, and I thought I'd get a raise of hands on it. I've homeschooled for going on 23 years, my baby is 18 and graduating this year. When I started homeschooling it was up in the air in the courts. Oh that homeschooling would come back to the beautiful, sweet Christian roots in many a support group.


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auntie said...

What an inspiration you are. And God must have been whispering in your ear. I was in a little mom and pop store this afternoon getting a bottle of water. A gentleman at the deli stopped me to ask why I was smiling. I told him it was because it was a good day and I thought the thing to do was to smile about it. When he checked out and left the store he came to my car to thank me for putting a smile on his face.
Without even trying we can be a blessing to others. Just keep a smile on your face.