Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First We Have Coffee and I Will Share With You?

This blog is all about Jesus Christ and you! Sometimes a little bit of me too as I share my heart but basically Jesus and our Godly Homes. I started this blog several years ago when our family was doing a little class at our local homeschool workshop on A Godly Home. I thought it would be nice to have a place with a reading list etc. for folks to refer back to. It's evolved and gone round and round but ultimately it's about Jesus. It's about His hand in our lives and how we can open our homes and make Him Lord, not succumbing to society's distractions. Staying clear with the plumb line of the Lord! : )

I thought I'd share with you a few little things that ministered to me this morning and things I found to be just plain helpful. *big smile*

I've been reading this book:

First We Have Coffee

I can honestly say this is one of the most precious books I've read in a long, long time...I've read excerpts outloud to my family and almost go into tears each time as the goodness of the Lord is shared by the author as she tells true to life stories of her home and especially... Mama.

If you've ever seen the wonderful old movie, "I Remember Mama" (1948) you know what I mean...but this book is all about the Lord and His faithfulness and goodness.

This excerpt was an especially touching one, the full story gets even better:

I needed shoes! I always needed shoes! Our bank account consisted of 'My God shall supply all your need." He did, but not my way!"

The coming of the missionary barrel was an annual event. Every outdated relic from the gay nineties seemed to find its way into that barrel: moth-eaten furs, threadbare silks and satins, and shoes of all sizes.

I ran! I had lived through enough missionary-barrel debuts! How Mama made dresses out of those costumes I never understood. She cut apart old coats and suits and sewed beautiful coats, lined with silk. She cut off buttons and salvaged trim, and saved them for the right project. Much of the cloth she saved for quilts. We had no shortage of quilts!

"Margaret," Papa called. "We have shoes!"

That was the last thing I wanted to hear. "I'm sure they don't fit." I kept running.


I stopped. And returned - to stare in horror at two pair of high button shoes. One pair was brown, and the other black...

...Mama sensed my distress. Tenderly she placed her arms around me and quietly, but firmly reminded me that we had prayed for shoes. God answered, not the way we think is best, but God heard and answered. Mama never allowed sympathy to obscure a deeper lesson.

Mama continued, "Pride is a terrible thing, Margaret. It is not so important what we put on our feet, but it is important where your feet go. Sometimes we have to put on hard things - like the shoes - so God can keep our feet on the right path. If you worry more about how you look than about what you are, you will have many lessons to learn. Someday you will look back and say that this was an important lesson to learn. Remember this, God always answers prayer, but not always your way. Wear your shoes with a thankful, humble heart. Shall I tell you the secret to happiness?

"Oh yes Mama."

As she gathered me in her arms and stroked my hair, she whispered softly, "A thankful heart, Margaret. A thankful heart."

Oh and the story even gets better....A little girl shows up at Sunday school with no shoes at all...just red wool socks....Perhaps I will write more excerpts next time. But trust me, as a self employed Realtor Broker's wife, (my husband receives only commission when a home sells), our bank account is the same as Mama's family. Many times I've had to make-do, adding this, or dying that... or perhaps literally counting coins to buy ballet shoes for my little ones.

There are many other excerpts that are so touching. This one is especially on my mind as well... The little brother falls on a fork and it plunges through his lip....

Mama held him in her lap, holding his lip in place with a cold cloth. We girls gathered around the rocking chair as she prayed, "This child belongs to God and Jesus never fails. Touch this mouth with Your healing power, Lord." Softly she crooned, "Savior like a Shepherd lead us, much we need Thy tender care," .....For hours she sat, with the lip clamped shut. She continued singing softly and praying, meeting another test. I followed instructions and cared for the children - and made the coffee for Mama.

By the time dawn came peeking through the windows, Gordon's lip was perfectly healed.

I haven't finished the book yet but so felt led to share these excerpts with you all, perhaps it is something special from the Lord for someone?

Well that's my little "Share and Tell" I hope it glorifies the Lord and gives you encouragement. I want to be just like Mama don't you?

Here are some other links that were very helpful to me this morning:

What to Clean if You Only Have 15 Minutes

This would be good for someone like me. : )

Fancy Inexpensive Dinner Breads

This is great, I haven't tried it but like the versatility and the fact you could have the groceries on hand when you need to round out a meal! Yay! : )

Set Apart Girl "Unhealthy Blogging"

This article on blogging was so helpful to me! I don't know about you but I've noticed so many blogs are becoming less and less Christ centered, blogs that used to be more Christ centered. It was glaring last Christmas especially. Some called Christmas present tags:" Holiday tags". Some ignored Christmas altogether. One blogger wrote they found it distasteful for Christians to talk of Christ and their beliefs at Christmas time? And the person claims to be a Christian? I don't understand what is going on or worse yet I think I do, but it does seem to be a temptation for some to turn blogging into just another rat race and popularity contest or maybe just a wee politically correct? I thought Christians stood for what they believed and cared for others, and I think we do if we are abiding in Christ. : ) I sometimes sense serious, seasoned, sweet Christians being dismissed at times and I think that is so sad. The article covers a full range of blog problems and pitfalls. Very good warnings.

I hope we can all be considerate bloggers not ashamed of Christ. : )

May we keep close eye on that plumb line of the Lord,

Love and blessings, ~Amelia


Mary said...

Oh, yes, I remember reading that book a long time ago and enjoying it for the most part. How horrible for the missionaries! Just the opposite of the name it and claim it of today where everybody expects Cadillacs! How we need a happy medium!

I don't blog much any more, btw. You are right about so many blogs not being Christ oriented any more. Many that I used to go to are so filled with legalism and sanctimony that it was making me feel condemned, and my husband has forbidden me to go to them.

Beloved's Bride said...

I will be back, Mrs. Amelia. You gave me some things to chew on while I pack up my little ones clothes for our move!

Quickly though, I must get that book!. You left me hanging on that first story! And, I want to know more!

Amelia said...

Hi Mary, I'm still reading the book, it's wonderful though, such a treat to read, it reminds me of the sweet things of the Lord and takes me away to a better time in the country.

I do miss your blogs Mary, I'm not able to see yours since it's on private. It's confusing isn't it? I have another young friend and I can't see hers either unless she invites me for a specific blog post. A lot of trouble isn't it? : )

I know what you mean on some of the blogs, it seems they are either carnal or they are very cold. (You know what I mean). Some of the cold people are more into their pet doctrine or lifestyle etc. than they are Jesus and it shows through their lack of love. I see it not only on blogs but in the area around me as well. How sad this make me and how it must break the heart of Christ. It's really unfortunate because because of their lack of love, it makes people think holiness is legalism and people throw the baby out with the bathwater instead of seeking the Lord on things.

Great to hear from you Mary!

Amelia said...

Yes, Carmen! Get that book! You must. You will love the book and find a sweet friend in Mama. : )