Thursday, February 2, 2012

Are You Driving Yourself and Your Family Whacko?

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I read this article this morning and I wanted to stand and applaud!
Are You Choosing a Dirty House?

This article is from the
Living on a Dime newsletter and it's not what you think...

This article is much about perfectionism and grandiose identity and may I say pure-dee selfishness many women have, and I'm sure many men folk may have the same. Let's just call it for what it is: Pride. Yuck. Gross. Pride.

The poor kids in these families, and may I add the poor grandkids too?

One book that helped me years ago is: Don't Be a Slave to Housework.

It goes down to carpet color etc. There are things we can do or not do to make our load easier.

"There is a verse in the Bible that says 'Every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish one tears it down with her own hands.' (Proverbs 14:1) Measure everything you say and do by asking yourself this question: “Is it going to be for the good of my family and build it up or is it just the way I want things done even if it tears down my family?”

And I ask: Will this matter for Eternity???

For me in homeschooling, many days, most days I had to put my blinders on as I taught my little blessings. If my baby was sick that day or I was sick or one of my little girls started crying or I started crying?????? Close the books for the day! : )

I learned that if the very basic things were done, and I mean the basics which for our family meant needed clothes or towels washed, dried and in a basket and a hot supper for all we were in good shape!

To heck with the rest.

That's my take on things. I'm 51 years young - old ...Whichever way you would like to look at it, my baby is 18 and a senior this year and trust me, you won't regret a cobweb or two or not having matchie-matchie-poo-poo everything.

You WILL regret not spending enough time with your children or spending too much time being an idiot perfectionist. Yes, that's what I said...An IDIOT perfectionist.

Say NO to Idiot PERFECTIONSIM. Say NO to PRIDE! And that goes for perfectionism in homeschool curriculum too. Do what works for YOU and your precious CHILDREN. Do the core (stop comparing with others) and venture out on what you want, those talents, stop detailing your family to death! And let's not forget the beginning of wisdom, a healthy fear of the Lord. : )

His yoke is easy and His burden is light.


For an Audience of One.... That's me, Amelia... Love to All! And that's the truth. I love the Lord and people enough to tell the truth on things.


Beloved's Bride said...

Simple and Practical! Adore every bit of your post. I clicked on the article too and read it. Then, I got stuck over in the site on the several of their "living on a dime" food articles. This reminded me that I wanted to see if you will share some of those veggie recipes that you are all trying! We will be moving out of our area and I will be going through the painful process of finding a local butcher in our new area but until then we might have to go down to our veggie/fruits! ;)

Mary said...

Ever notice how perfectionism never really works out anyway? Always a glitch in there to frustrate you, or people who won't cooperate with your fanatical perfectionism. BTW, is that a man or woman in the picture? The hairdo makes it seem like a man, but the clothing seem to be women's.

Amelia said...

Hi Mary, It's a man. *chuckle* A man who has been driven whacko! : )

Great thoughts Mary, so true!

Amelia said...

Hi Carmen, I would love to share what we have in the way of veggie recipes. One thing for starters is tofu can make a great filling for lasagna when smushed up and seasoned and cooked with garlic in olive oil, we also use Tony Chachere's at times etc. There are some neat ricotta re-dos on the net. You can find the soy or rice cheese for the gooey topping too. Even for parmesan? They now have that in veggie at our larger supermarkets. Mexican night? Sauteed bell peppers with onions mixed with no fat refried beans is a delicious taco filling. I'll be coming up with more too. One thing we discovered is no fat beans are the same as vegetarian beans and the no fat beans cost less. : )

Thanks so much Carmen for your encouragement. You're a gem. : )

Mary said...

Oh, I get it, ha-ha!

auntie said...

A great big AMEN to you! I used to be that way and all it got me was a bleeding ulcer and kids who were miserable. (and this is in a farmhouse of all places!) Hubby came in from milking one day to chaos and me pulling my hair out and simply said, "I didn't marry your mother I married you." It took awhile but I learned to see what was most important and let the rest take the back burner. I am not sorry and never will be.

You are a blessing my dear and a wake up call to all who stray from the path. Hugs to you and yours.

Amelia said...

Hi Auntie,

"I didn't marry your mother I married you." Oh that is great! : )

Thanks so much for sharing, and for the encouragement too. It means the world, it really does. And you are a blessing to ME. : )

Love, Amelia