Monday, May 3, 2010

God is in the Arts, and Manners too!

loading ... Recently our youngest daughter, Rebecca attended a class for photography, one of which she greatly enjoyed and gleaned so much from by the way...A Christ centered photography class. Praise God for those sweet young teachers who lived their faith out before the students. Oh that we would have more Christians in the Arts today, those who will stand for faith, modesty and what is right and good unabashedly. We do not have to compromise our faith. God made the Arts. We should glorify Him in the Arts!

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom right? That is what my Bible tells me and from watching and living life, I can testify to the truth in that! : )

The week before Rebecca left for her classes, my dad had sent her a notebook she had left at his home....To me? A thank you note was in timely and swift order before Rebecca was to leave for her classes out of town. My dad is 80 years old and really can't see as well as he once did. Those sparkling blue eyes have macular degeneration and I know it was a labor of love for him to promptly get to the post office with her notebook.

My dad has written a handwritten note in response to Rebecca's little thank you letter to him... And I just loved it. I loved the respect he exhorted her to have.

Here is a very small excerpt of the letter as follows....

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for the letter. Are you going to San Antonio by yourself?

If you go to the Alamo remember it is still a church and I think it was 187 men died there in 1836 fighting...

I was so blessed by the respect my father exhorted Rebecca to have at the tourist filled mission. In this age of baseball caps at the dinner table... The national anthem being sung, many times we are hardpressed to find a hand on a heart. Even when the American flag goes by in a parade, it's very few who even know to put their hand over their heart...I find his loving grandfatherly exhortation refreshing.

You know, social graces and manners are very important as I'm sure you'll agree and it has been said, that good manners are simply putting other people first and making them feel at ease and valued. As Christians, shouldn't this be the most important thing in teaching our children besides the utmost importance of a personal relationship with the Lord?

Manners are important, they help others to feel appreciated and give us self confidence in a good and godly way.

I hope to share soon some of the tips from my father's manners book I now have from when he was in private military school... Oh the tales he tells of those days! The young military school men crossing the Missippi river in dress uniform, white gloved to attend the party at the girl's school there. Oh my.

I also look forward to seeing the wonderful handwritten correspondence that will start between Rebecca and my dad.

Let's expect much in the way of courtesy and do much, let's put others first, let's not allow people to feel used, let's bless them with appreciation without motive. Isn't that what Jesus would do? Sounds simplistic? It is. : )

People may not remember what you said but they will remember how you made them to feel. ~My Dad

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Feel free to stop by...Stay sweet, remember...Our actions or lack of, will affect others good or bad. Let's be found blameless. : )


Amanda said...

How sweet, I am always taken back in time as I visit your blog. Thanks so much for sharing a portion of the letter!

Adam said...

You've been Awarded.