Friday, May 14, 2010

Precious- Red Skelton on The Pledge of Allegiance

This is delightful...and sobering, oh my how far we have gone as a country.
Oh American Church, awake from your slumber. Some may say or think..."Oh I love God but I love the world too." Let's love God and hate sin. Some may think they may know better and try to defy God even in seemingly small ways but that is like jumping out of a window, thinking they may defy gravity.

Let's love God and others.

I received this dandy from media causes.

Edit. 5.21.10: I have a an easy family Italian recipe posted on thats-italian.blogspot Enjoy!


Amanda said...

lets love God and hate sin...

Well said Amelia! Too many christians say focused on LOVE, but with love comes hate and God is passionate about good...and he HATES evil...I mean how many times in His word does he tells us this, yet we continue to "go along" with just about EVERYTHING. I can't help but to wonder if we have God all wrong sometimes?

How can we be in a TRUE relationship with him and not understand this about him?
Great post. I appreciate your passion for God and the TRUTH....I appreciate your blog and the nice way you wrap it all up into words!

Blessings to your family for a sweet weekend!

WinkAtTheCabDriver said...

It's really sad how you can hate sin, lovingly encourage others away from it, and be accused of being hateful. People just don't get it in this day and age! People just want to do what they want to do, and don't want to be held accountable. "Leave me alone!" Yikes!

I wasn't able to see the video for some reason. It said to try again later.

I loved your post below, about manners. It's frustrating sometimes to put so much work into that with our own son, only to have him see others his age, out and about, doing whatever they want, however they want to do it. And the parents are right there!!

Goodness, I sound full of negativity this morning. I'm sorry! Your words just reminded me of situations I've been in lately that have not shown decency or humility. Sometimes I just want to take people by the shoulders, get my face close to theirs and say, "Don't you see?!" lol Now, I'm not being very patient, am I?

And I'm rambling!!!

Much love to you!

Amelia said...

Thank you Amanda! : ) I so pray that the Lord would be glorified here and folks would be inspired to grow closer to a more personal relationship with Jesus. I also hope and pray the typical church goer would see that it's okay to be separate, reaching out to others but retain holiness in the Lord. Letting Light out, but not letting darkness in...

Thanks again for your encouraging comments, I'm enjoying your blogs, just showed my hubby your gardening blog...will stop by to comment soon! Blessings to you and your family! : )

Amelia said...

Hi Laurie, Yes, it is sad and no, you don't sound negative at all....Just truthful of what is going on in the world and even in the church many times.

I know exactly what you are talking about on manners too...I am very disappointed about the lack of manners or maybe I should rephrase that into thoughtlessness, thanklessness and lack of integrity?

You just keep on teaching LM as you are doing, you are doing a fine job. He'll see the fruits in others that are not teaching thoughtfulness or gratefulness and not want to be like that. And yes, it is very sad that parents are many times the most ungrateful and thoughtless and it is then mirrored into their children.

I know how you feel, it's not that we want to sound negative but something needs to be corrected especially in the parents. I guess we now have a generation of parents raised by the Dr. Spock babies. Very self centered? Perhaps just lazy? Could it be a sign of the times? Are our churches hush-hush on this as well as other topics?

Hope all is well, great comment! Thank you! Love you much, ~Amelia