Friday, November 23, 2012

A Good Peaceful Friday

Having trouble keeping things in perspective as the brash, materialistic ads are being forced upon us?

This is one of the most precious scenes ever of a simple nativity play with these darling little angels.  I once knew a priest very much like Father O'Malley in this movie played by Bing Crosby.  He was Jesus with skin on to me as a little girl.  We now attend a different but same kind of church. As my husband says, Church is in our hearts.  It doesn't really matter or shouldn't matter which Christian denomination we are.  Jesus is everywhere or perhaps rather sprinkled in various people's hearts no matter what the position.  And whatever our Christian denomination is...may we be those Father O'Malley's to others.

This past week we were in the ER with my dd22.  Trust me, I would have LOVED for a Father O'Malley to come pray with us as I sat with fever myself, head on my husband's shoulder horrified as my daughter lay suffering horribly from seven kidney stones, one blocking.  Where are they, those Father O'Malley's?  I hope we will be that one to others. Sometimes it hurts, because I don't see them very often. All I can say, is I know Jesus is with us and carries us.

I think this may be just what the doctor ordered:

I hope this touches your heart as it has touched mine once more.  For our family?  We are keeping things to a small, reasonable budget for each of our daughters for Christmas.  It feels good, a nice sensible Christmas. ...Like things used to be. Like they still can be if we stay in the realm of the Lord and away from the culture.

Blessings to All! I hope you enjoy this precious, precious video, a short clip from "The Bells of St. Mary's" (1945).

Oh God give us homes that would fit in this sweet realm!

Love,   Amelia


auntie said...

Dearest heart, prayers have been rising up to heaven for your dear suffering little one. (not so little I know but when they hurt...)
We are blessed with a Father O'Malley type here in our parish. We love him dearly and thank the good Lord that he sent Father to us.
Jesus received 3 well thought out and significant gifts when he was born. Not significant because of their worldly value but because of their meaning to his coming as king. We give each of our children 3 significant and well thought out gifts each as well. Again significant because for them not because of their worldly value. We also try very hard to focus on handmade and service type gifts rather than store bought.
Love you all and miss our "morning coffee" together. Take care of yourself and give your Michelle my love and a hug.

Amelia said...

Hello Dear Ann, I so enjoyed and felt uplifted, not to mention loved by your comment. I so appreciate your prayers!

Enjoyed hearing how your family exchanges gifts. I think that's great, I've heard of the three gift idea, I think that's so nice, and especially when it has special meaning.

We're keeping things rather simple and sensible in the same way, and if the girl(s) want a special slightly more expensive something then they know it will be that quality, needed gift with not much else. Each year our budget becomes less, last year and this one is minimal and God sends such nice values well before Christmas.

Oh how nice you have a Father O'Malley! Mine was Father Conally when I was a young girl, he would braid my long, long hair many times. My cousin was a priest and they knew each other. He knew so much about little things in our family, noticing things like absences etc. He truly showed concern. I was devastated when he left.

We are new at a large church we are visiting and I'm confident if this minister knew what was up he is the type to visit us. It's interesting, we'll visit small churches and the ministers at times seem aloof. This is a huge old, old church and this minister seems so sweet. He told us he appreciated our Holy Spirit smiles and him saying that to us so ministered to my heart.

We'll have to "do" coffee again soon. : ) Perhaps you could do a nice blog post on your thoughts on Christmas gift giving, I bet people would benefit. : )

Love you and appreciate you so much, Amelia

P.S. I'll give Michelle a hug, she's having a rough day today and so am I *tears*

Beloved's Bride said...

I am so sorry that you and Michelle are not feeling well. I have been praying for her since it was announced. I hope that your house is being sent lots of prayers, house warming flowers and cards! I am sure it will cheer your heart a little. I will be waiting for a little update on her once she feels better.

We are trying to keep it simple here as well. We have always done it though, I suppose. But, to remind yourself each Christmas is half the battle I think. I believe we have decided that one of the kiddos big gifts will be a trip to some where -- specially picked out for them. That way we have all year to redeem several wonderful experiences.

Amelia said...

Hello Dear Carmen, So nice to hear from you.

Thank you so much for your prayers, concern and love. : ) We have a beautiful flower arrangement sent from Michelle's employers, they are so sweet and so generous it is humbling, what a blessing they are. In fact the Lord sent such sweet fellowship with the florist too that evening on the front porch.

Her sisters brought her some lovely bright pink bouquet and a huge balloon, such a sweet thing!

Thanks again for always being so sweet Carmen, loved hearing your thoughts for Christmas. We too have always kept it simple especially in light of so many I hear of. I have to shake my head sometimes at how out of whack the culture has become as to what is the norm! I think we have a nation of perpetual brats of all ages.

It's amazing what the Lord will send our way in the way of of value though. It's nice now that the girls are older as well. And yes, I agree, we must remember what Christmas is and may all gift giving be in that spirit of the Lord Jesus and His simple, most humble entrance into our world.

You take care now dear one, please keep those prayers up, I so appreciate and covet them. It's been a wearing day.

Love, Mrs. Amelia

Ellie Rae said...

Amelia, you should tell your pastor if somebody in your family is sick and needs a visit. There is no way for him to know unless somebody tells him. My husband is a pastor, and it is so frustrating when church people don't tell us that a family member is sick .... almost like he is supposed to read their minds, or have a personal angel tell him when somebody is sick. This doesn't happen. Pastors are only human, too, and if nobody tells them somebody is sick, big lips don't appear in the ceiling and tell him. Please tell your minister if your family member is sick and request a visit. After all, the book of James says, "is any sick among you, let THEM call for the elders of the church." I think church members would save themselves a lot of disappointment this way.

Ellie Rae said...

I should add that sometimes church people figure other church members will tell the pastor if somebody is sick, but this doesn't always happen. Other church members don't always think of it. In a large church especially, it's hard to keep tabs on one another, so the pastor must be told and a visit requested by him or another minister or some elders.

Amelia said...

Hi Mary, I think you missed my point. I agree, we do need to let the church know. I wasn't complaining, I was just saying I would have simply loved for a Father O'Malley type to come in that ER room as my daughter was suffering so, whether it be a Christian doctor, chaplain or anyone who could pray for us and hold us up. For us? We are not memmbers of a church at this point as you know.

Yes, my husband is also a licensed minister, he was ordained to provide care for prisoners and especially in emergency situations, so I understand a little what you as a minister's wife may have seen or felt in the past.

Ellie Rae said...

Sorry, Amelia, I guess I didn't get the point you were trying to make.

Amelia said...

I hope everyone will keep focused on this sweet simple Christmas clip. <3

As I posted this clip to encourage hearts to focus on a sweet simple Christmas, I thought of how precious Father O'Malley is in this movie. It made me think of the ER room this week with my daughter suffering with seven kidney stone, one blocking. I'm sorry to reiterate but maybe it's needed. In that early morning I so wanted someone sweet like Father O'Malley to be with all of us.

May we all focus on a sweet Christmas, and the simplicity of Christ. May we be that Jesus with skin on to others, may we use words and actions if necessary.

Please pray for healing. Thanks to those who have encouraged and are praying. <3 Blessings.

Ellie Rae said...

I'm sorry that I sounded abrasive.

Amelia said...

That's okay Mary, I'm not sure what you are going through but my prayers are with you.

Ellie Rae said...

Thanks, we sure need it. Younger son in hospital with leg fractures and shin splints; older son being persecuted. Troubles at church. Thanks.

Amelia said...

Oh dear, we will pray. So many are suffering. Dh just came home & told me his friend's daughter is in the last stages of cancer. Another friend of ours has ovarian cancer, operated on in a charity hospital, suffered greatly. A young man we know is 19, his mother passed away in the last year, now his father seems to be dying and it's all on this young man to take care of all rental properties, lawyers everything. He was the soul caretaker for his dad giving baths etc. My head spins and all I can do is lift up all of this to the Lord and show support along with praying for and treating my girl. Please remember your blog is not accessible to me so please email me any prayer requests. God bless you Mary. Prayers coming your way. Was your son in an accident? I can sure understand persecution, Dh sees it at work, there are those who wouldn't dare give him business,& when you see those few on holidays they grin like cheshire cats. We thank God though, because we probably don't need that kind of business, and God is our source. God alone...and oh there is such peace, rest and comfort in that. Some who have merged to other reformed religion behave just like certain persecutors from days gone past. I've never seen such a great falling away Mary.

Ellie Rae said...

Oh, my goodness, so many problems. I can't believe my blog is still not accessable to you. I can't figure it out. Oh, well, I haven't been posting much anyway. My younger son is in basic training and has 3 stress fractures and shin splints and we don't know what his future will be. Our older son finally passed his last test and is on his way to his new base, but the persecution was awful. Thanks for prayer. Some church problems, too.

Ellie Rae said...

That poor 19 year old must feel so lost...

Ellie Rae said...

Oh, and I'm not following any blogs right now, but I still go to the ones I like, like yours, Amelia.