Friday, July 15, 2011

What About Leather?

I've also been questioning leather products as well as the Holy Spirit has been making me sensitive in some areas. It started when I noticed mink coats and such and then my own leather coat...I hoped perhaps the leather was the byproduct of humanely treated cattle but unfortunately I'm probably very wrong on that.

I recently found the following excerpt from a message board. It's horrible what is done for the sake of "leather" "fur" or any other "fill in blank". And from another video that is out, the horrible torture is confirmed there as well. And yes, this is happening in this country.

Some may say: Oh but those are the environmentalists or they believe in global warming etc.

If I worried about others' philosophies on everything and never learned to cross bridges when needed I never would have delivered my baby girl with midwives at a birth center saving the life of my baby! I never would have obtained a Family Herbalist certification or studied nutrition. I never would have homeschooled...I certainly wouldn't be an artist if I would have looked at the stereotype of the Arts, I guess I would have had to hide my natural talents since the Arts is considered a liberal camp?

I hope we can see things clearly as what they are and not worry about this camp stereotype or that one. I love Jesus Christ and I will do what is right no matter what camp that any particular conviction may be popular in.

Here is the excerpt, and no you won't enjoy it, you most likely will be grieved by it, I was going to post something else, about injustices and rude people who hurt others but when I re-read this excerpt attached from the very kind reply from my sweet daughter I said...This will be posted today.

"At the slaughterhouse, more horrors await. A Washington Post investigation found that animals are routinely skinned and dismembered while they are still alive. Some examples: According to the Post, federal inspectors found live cattle dangling from an overhead chain at a plant in Texas. Videotape from another plant shows hogs kicking and squealing as they are lowered into a tank of scalding water, which is used to soften their skin.

You know, I had never thought about that...I just looked into a site to see if animals were treated cruel for their skin and they are. Personally I don't have real leather because I don't want to pay that price....but now that I see they are treated just as bad as they are for food maam I won't wear it or buy a car that is lined in it again....thanks for opening my eyes to another yes, it is hypocrisy..."

What can we do? I think writing letters is always a good way to start. And of course taking the time to find alternatives when shopping for an item. We can re-post these videos and excerpts and learn from others. We can ask the manager of the store questions and be ready to politely inform when shopping. And pray, pray, pray! The Father above cares about His creatures!

My husband calls me, Saint Amelia of Assisi. ; ) And I must tell you the other night we were coming down a country road in the black of night and my dear hubby did turn around so we could feed a poor scared dog. I had my restaurant leftovers, we had some store bought dog food in the car too, and we placed it so the scared dog could get it, he was so frightened he had run into the woods. My husband said the next morning on the way to work he would pick the dog up if he was out in daylight. Pray for that dog, I would love to help him. We have four doglets, two were rescued from the street and one was rescued from the pound, my baby girl used her birthday money several years ago for our pound puppy, Charlie.

Blessed are the pure at heart for they shall see God. Blessed are the Merciful.

I don't care if the whole world is going to hell and on dope, I'll stand alone for what is right no matter what camp it may be popular in.
My Photo This is my 26 year old daughter, Marianna with Muffie, (Muffin) (Muffie-Huckabee) our little rescued dog from the street. Marianna saw him as she was going to vote in the primaries, the little bewildered guy was in the street his collar was rusted shut. She looked through her rearview mirror; turned around and gently put him in her car and brought him home. We all love this little guy so very much, he's an angel.


Mary said...

Where are the PETA people and the animal rights activists when you need them?? In the O.T., the animal had to be bled properly -- this ensured that, as well as the meat would not be eaten with the blood in it, that the animal was DEAD before it was butchered, and also that it was not EATEN while still alive, like predatory animals do and like some primitive peoples in the world still do!

Beloved's Bride said...

You have such a sweet heart! I rarely see strays where we live. Thank the Lord. (On the Military area) I am glad too, I don't handle it well. (all our animals are strays) Anyway, I used to get teased all the time for saving the turtles on the road! I would make everyone pull over so I could help them to the other side!

One day a fox ran into my car. I got out and saw it take its last breath. I literally stopped traffic and asked two guys to help me put it in the back of my trunk so I could drive the mile back home to bury it. I just knew I could not drive by it every day. I thought my Beloved would fall over when he saw what I had done! ;)After shaking his head at me in disbelief he gave it a proper burial!

Mary said...

That's sweet, Beloved's Bride! I've helped turtles across the road, too! I hate to see them squished.

Amelia, did you get my e-mail? I worked for a butcher here in my town and the animals are killed humanely (bullet to the head) before being butchered. They ship all over the place and it is where we buy our meat. Most of the animals that are taken there are free-ranged ones. I recommend buffalo -- a little more expensive but free-grazed and lean.