Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Open Casket Funeral of Late Term Aborted Baby

I've been thinking about the state of affairs around our nation and especially in our area.

Interestingly I hear many so grieved about a dismembered body of a young mother found lately. I too am very grieved and most disturbed on these things but where is the outcry on innocent little aborted babies? Are they not dismembered and burnt alive!?

I've said more than once, the problem in the country is because of the dead pulpits and the theological games people play. Prideful debate. Certainly not Jesus. It's sickening.

Where are the preachers crying out?! In our last church the pastor seemed almost embarrassed to announce a Life Chain in our town our family was helping with. This was a civil prayerful and peaceful chain many churches participated in.

Do you know what our former church did that Sunday of the Life Chain? They planned a baby shower that day in the same time slot of the Life Chain for one of the mothers in the church. The mother in law of the young woman being honored was horrified when she learned of the scheduling of events and how the unborn were being ignored for the sake of a baby shower, her grandchild's! Oh how twisted and political...It told the tale indeed of the hearts of leadership there.

If only wombs had windows...I must speak out won't you? I think this little baby should have a choice too.

Open Casket Funeral for Late Term Abortion Baby

So many things lately are very telling of hearts lately. So very telling.

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And for those who deny that abortion is the taking of innocent life, we ask only that you look closely at the photo, and as you examine this image, examine your heart.


Mary said...

They probably never even thought of the incongruity of that.

Beloved's Bride said...

Speechless!! So very heartbreaking.

Amanda said...

your blog, your voice and I'm so thankful for it!

Amelia said...

Dear Mary,

If they did not think of the incongruity of that then that is a huge part of the problem! It truly shows the heart. The pastor knew enough to barely mumble the announcement of the lifechain in church, not even bothering to come to the prayerful event. This church is very typical of the American church today. Ex: Searching for a praise leader with a degree instead of the anointing, using a Dr. Phil book in the pastor's wife's Sunday school class. My goodness, where is the grief over these babies?

Dear Beloved and Amanda thank you for your heartfelt response, I appreciate you very much!

Beloved's Bride said...

Oh My, Mrs. Amelia! What is the "Church" doing during these days? A Dr. Phil's book in Sunday School?! Shocking. But I shouldn't be surprised, I am amazed at what is being shown in Children Church as fillers. Nauseating.

If it wasn't for your blog voice, I wouldn't see a lot of things that I should be praying about because I am so busy during this season with little ones. I get my news through the internet so the Little Ones don't have to hear the sifting of nastiness. Thank You Mrs Amelia.

The Lord is coming soon!

Marianna Rose said...

This is so heartbreaking. Lord Jesus, come quickly!