Monday, February 15, 2010

Beware of Busyness. God's Plans? Your Plans?

I was recently asked to write a prolife article for an online the article the Lord gave me the words and memories of my life as the moral decline began in my little girl's world back in 1967. I'm hoping to post it here soon.
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As I wrote the article I realized something, something very frightening.

What? I see the same moral decline in homeschool and church settings. It's not easy to find homeschoolers or church goers sold out to the Lord.

Not all homeschoolers are like my friend who lives in another area of the country...She enjoys her children, taking turns reading in front of the fireplace and enjoying cooking together and living life for Jesus in every day life settings.

One of the saddest and most disappointing days in recent years was sitting alone at a large Christian homeschool support group activity several years ago as I observed and listened to a number of moms talking of dissecting little animals, college transcripts and how wonderful it was that homeschoolers were more open-minded and they thought perhaps Ayn Rand was a Christian...

Not one mention of a personal Lord was heard the entire time.

This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel says: "Only in returning to me and resting in me will you be saved. In quiet and and confidence is your strength. But you would have none of it. You said, "No, we will get our help from Egypt." ~Isaiah 30:15-16a

For homeschool and church going moms, dads or anyone calling themselves a Christian...

May I humbly warn that if your zip-up planner has become of more importance than living the Bible, there may be a problem of the heart. If you are doing the planning and asking God to bless your plans instead of asking Him for The Plan it will be all in vain.

If excellence in essay writing is more important than teaching your children to take the time to write a sweet, heartfelt thank you note than perhaps the mark and goal of a Godly homeschool has been missed. If you as a mom are too busy to personally wish an ill friend well, to offer prayers and let them know you have offered prayers and care for them, I would venture to say, something is wrong.

Perhaps you are so busy running to church services you have no time for "menial" things as encouraging people that don't attend your church. Is your churchianity a busy-ness that only mimics holiness, in reality, a pharisee-ism?

One of my greatest regrets is not spending more time with my aging grandmas, not bothering to write them a sweet thank you note or letter that they would have treasured. Yes, I did write some but I was not near on top of things as I should have been. I see things my grandma gave me that I did not respond to, and my heart breaks, it breaks. Yes, I was busy, I still am with things here in my home, but I am learning I had better sit myself down and do the things God would have me to do.

How many times did I miss out on visiting my grandma when she was ill because of Sunday church service. Now I live with that sad regret. How lonely my two grandmas must have felt and how unappreciated they must have felt when I didn't thank them for little things they would send my way, it breaks my heart to this day. Do you know that some of my Italian Grandma's most prized possessions were those little drawings and shadow boxes I had made for her as a little girl??? Given to me, still carefully wrapped in clear plastic as she did her most precious things...they were given me...after she passed away.....After she passed away.

Guess what? I wrap my prized possessions now in plastic wrap too....I do the same things...

How do you treat those you consciously and sub-consciously deem as unimportant at the moment? Are ministry opportunities only for the resume' for the National Honor Society or for ministry school credentials? Where is the heart in your home or homeschool? Would people want to attend your church by the way you are treating them? Is Jesus and intimate relationship with Him lifted and stressed? ...Or do you lift up pet doctrine to the point of ugliness. The same ugliness that put Jesus on the cross.

I like what David Wilkerson eluded to in his recent blog... Do you really think your light is going to shine in your exclusive church cliques?

Soon to come, I hope to share in incremental pieces, the article the Lord graciously gave to me...Roe Vs. Wade and What Has Become of Us?

It's time for me to sign out...I have an email I need to get off soon to respond to a lovely young lady, I'm learning to see these things as a most important privilege from the Father. Can I be trusted to minister to her and lift her up in Jesus? I hope and pray so. I hope and pray so.

You may not read perfect blogs here but they will be from the heart. I can guarantee you that. : )

Until then keep things real, focus on the home and what is truly important for Eternity and that goes for me double in this blogging world. Live with no regrets. Come on over and visit me at my other abode too, thats-italian.blogspot, and enjoy some coffee over yonder....Plenty of smiles and wholesome entertainment coupled with a pretty good recipe or two, all kinds of stuff to make ya smile. : )


arlee bird said...

I'd say that many non-Christians homeschool in order to promote their own personal agendas to their kids -- seems kind of scary, but why wouldn't they if they don't like public schools either. I don't think kids should be sheltered from the world, but to be able to be in the world with understanding of what the world represents and to be able to respond intelligently and rationally to any assaults upon their beliefs.

Civilla said...

Good post. It's easy to get off on tangents and forget why we decided to do something in the first place.

Amelia said...

Hello arlee bird,

The event I attended was unfortunately a Christian homeschool event.

We have to remember, the companionship of fools will be destroyed, and also the agenda now being taught is against Christianity in the public schools. I attended school with the astronauts children in a highly academic area. It was considered one of the best schools in the world's eye but I would never subject my kids to what I was subjected to, it is a horrible way to remember my junior and high school years. I wish it wasn't that way but it was, that was in the late 60s to 79.

Even as a grown lady, I wouldn't want to be subjected to it on a day to day basis. The best way for our kids and young people to face the world is shoulder to shoulder with parents as they grow strong in the Lord with wisdom and discernment.

My daughters are ages 16 to 27 and we've homeschooled for over 20 years. My oldest daughter is a counselor at a prolife pregnancy center and is saving her first kiss for the altar, I'm only writing that to brag on what God can do. He can do it and He will when we trust Him. : )

I'm not sure what year you graduated in, perhaps things were much nicer when you were in school and people still had a healthy fear of God? : )

arlee bird said...


In answer to your question, I graduated from a public school in East Tennessee in 1969. Despite the earlier court rulings, we still had school-wide prayer and Bible reading during homeroom and Bible was offered as a class in the curriculum and we had several religious clubs at the school.

My father was very religious and taught me a great deal about the Bible.

During college age and beyond, I, as did many of my friends, became deeply involved in drug use and wild living, but we never really strayed far. Now almost all of those same friends, as am I, are heavily involved in the church as deacons, worship leaders, Bible teachers, and even pastors. I am so thankful God was always watching over us even in some truly careless times.

Nama said...

Ahhh, Amelia! You spoke my heart here. It has grieved me so much over the past 20 years since I first began teaching my kids at home, to see so many other moms that I just don't connect with even though we're doing the same thing, essentially. I felt inadequate & frustrated compared to all the other moms who were using such incredible curriculum & who seemed to have it all together regarding the academics of their children. As I prayed and cried (and I did that a lot, asking God why He called and convicted me to teach my own children when I obviously wasn't wired correctly in order to do a good job ha ha) He showed me that He made no mistake in the way He created me and that He chose me specifically, just as I am, to teach this particular group of precious little souls & then showed me that the most important job is to train them up in the way they should give utmost attention to their souls & their eternity & He then laid out a plan that works perfectly for our family. What works for us is very different than what works for many, but I know I won't have regrets if I keep my eyes on Him & obey His leading. I loved what you said about letting God plan our day. This is what He showed me, too, a few years ago & every time I try to take over the reigns, confusion, chaos and frustration take over our home. LOVE this post, Amelia! Thanks so much for sharing it. I think I'll share it with my ladies study group this morning. (((Hugs))) to you, dear friend!

Civilla said...

I attended a rather small high school on Long Island that was very conservative, and I graduated in 1970. It wasn't religiously oriented, because in that part of the country, we have always had HUGE segments of the student body and faculty that are non-Christian (Jewish, etc.), so you couldn't force those folks to continually do Christian stuff, but, overall, it was very good.

My children went to public schools here in the upper midwest, where everybody is at least nominally Christian, so we still have Christian Christmas carols in the school assemblies, students can pray at the lunch tables, bring Bibles to school, wear Christian jewelry and clothing, etc. Also, all of the teachers are related to the students in some way or another, so they're not going to encourage immoral or deviant behavior, because they would be encouraging their own children/grandchildren/neighbors/neices/nephews/cousins, etc. We're very blessed here, but I hear so many horror stories about other places.

Also, here, we are a poor state, and so cannot afford books. My childrens' textbooks were from the early 70's (they graduated in '07 and '05, not 100 years ago), and literally held together with duct tape, so no modern-day deviant curriculum.

Sex ed was the principal passing out samples of deoderant, or the gym coach telling the kids that if they weren't married they shouldn't be having sex (but use b.c. if you do -- I admit he could have left that part of).

Anyway, you have done a marvellous job with your girls, Amelia!

Maxine said...

Amelia, you made me cry; you touched my heart so with this post. I have two daughters, one seventeen who is in her junior year of high school. I have homeschooled her all her life so far. My older daughter is twenty-nine and we homeschooled her from seventh grade on. But I will agree with you that I have seen a big difference in homeschoolers from the time our older was homeschooling to the way it is now. I know exactly what you mean and have had the same disappointments.

I seems my older is teaching her two girls the importance of living for the Lord and caring for others as more important even than the academics. I am hoping the same holds true for what is currently happening in our home. I have hopes for my daughters and granddaughters that are far more important than education. Not that I don't want them to do well with that, but it is far from the priority. You made me think of a list I made for myself once regarding my hopes and desires for my daughters. I think perhaps I'll post it soon.

Thank you for sharing your heart this way. It had a purpose for sure. Your thoughts about your grandmas were so precious.

Bee said...

This was excellent.. I couldn't agree more! I am praying many more Homeschool Moms and Homemakers will begin to wake up to the urgency of preparing our children and grandchildren for the spiritual onslaught that in escalating in our world today! Knowledge comes from the Lord... this is where we need to begin!

And... wow.. I can't believe someone thought Ayn Rand was a Christian. They must have never read her.. I did.. and she absolutely is not.

Robin Sampson said...

Great post!

Love this: "if your zip-up planner has become of more importance than living the Bible, there may be a problem of the heart. "

"so busy running to church services you have no time for "menial" things as encouraging people that don't attend your church"

Thank you. Keep reminding us about the one needful thing-- Follow the Shepherd!

Lecia said...

I recently found your blog from Amanda's. I am a homeschooling mom with children ages 24-4. This blog is such a blessing and I look forward to coming here more. I would love to share some of the words from this post at our homeschool mom get together tomorrow night if you don't mind.