Saturday, February 16, 2013

'Lena' - Wow, What a Book!

Every now and then we come across one of those books, one of those books we underline in...One of those books we buy for gifts for our youth and loved ones....We want the truths, the poignancies to minister to them too!  We want our friends and family to meet our new friend! 

This is one of those books:  Lena by Margaret Jensen, also the author of 'First We Have Coffee'

If you are raising children or youth, praying for adult children?  Are you a human being? ; )  Read this book!  If you are a youth or adult, this is a great suggested read for life.  You will meet a true Saint of God....Lena.  If you are a grandparent?  Great read.  It's a great read and my copy is underlined up a storm!  I know of families that have wayward youth or young adult children.  You will be encouraged and challenged to move forward in those prayers. Feeling discontent?  Read on...Lena has encouragements galore! You will be sooooo blessed friends.  Lena is a gem. You will want to just give her a big ol' bear hug!!!

I bought copies for our girls for Christmas and  both Lea & Marianna have their copies underlined already.  The quotes will be keepers I assure  you!  : )

Here is an excerpt I would like to share:

     Laughingly Lena answered,  "Oh but that tree do talk.  It say, 'Lena, just stand where God put you, like I do.  I don't fret and carry on to be a tall pine.  I just be standing here, unshakable, unmovable, a shelter in the storm, and a shade in the heat.'  Then I tell myself, 'Lena just be-just be abounding in the work of the Lord.   Do your work as unto the Lord, for God sees the heart and is a rewarder of them who diligently seek Him.'  That tree be talking, Nurse Jensen, and I talk back.  I say, 'God planted you outside my kitchen, and He planted me inside this kitchen.'  We just stand praising the Lord together."

I hope you enjoy the book Lena, as much as our family has.  I read excerpts at many a dinner table!  I just know you will be blessed. : )

Here are some photos I thought you might enjoy of some of our daughters and most sweet friends, I snatched these from our daughter, Marianna's blog:

Three of our daughters, Rebecca, Lea, Marianna, and sweet friends, Lars and Elisabeth Elliot Gren at a friend's wedding reception.  I love Elisabeth, she is true blue. She is getting older now... I hold on to postcards she sent me years ago when I was on bedrest with Rebecca...You see, I had requested prayer from her and she so kindly responded in prayers and sisterly comfort, not to mention that of a spiritual mother to me.  She read one of my letters on the air one morning and tears streamed down my face...  I love Elisabeth. Lars has been ever so kind as well to my daughters.  There aren't many like them anymore friends...Oh that someone would carry that torch. May just a slice be in me.  Please Lord allow me to be an encouragement to moms or anyone as I desire to be encouraged.

Our dds, Lea, Rebecca, Marianna, precious friends & sisters; Sarah & Hannah (just love these girls).. and dd Michelle.  What a neat time in the Lord they all had!

Well that's a slice of life today. I hope you enjoy the book. It's a keeper!

God bless you all,  your sister in Christ, a fellow sojourner on this earth.  As the older Italian women used to say... Hang on to that rope!   In my words? Hang on to your godly and sweet convictions. : )

~So much love to you all in Christ,    ~Amelia  


Ellie Rae said...

Oh, I read First We Have Coffee and it was so good.

Beloved's Bride said...

I laughed at "If you are a human being read this book." You make me smile. I have "First we have coffee" on my reading list. So, I will have to check this other one out too.

auntie said...

When you wrote about the other book, Fist We Have Coffee, I bought it and read it. What an incredible read and so encouraging. I have since passed it on so that it can lift others. After reading this post I have ordered Lena! It is a blessing to be able to trust the opinion of a dear friend.
Please trust dear friend that you are all that you desire to be, encouraging and a blessing to all. The light of Christ shines through you to all who read your words.
I raise my morning cup to you and have a place set at my table for you every morning.

Abbi said...

The book sounds quite fun and your daughters are very lovely!

Ellie Rae said...

Oh, I always loved Elizabeth Eliot's books.