Thursday, December 20, 2012

'Meet John Doe' (1941) A Christmas Must-See

This is a neat-neat movie. You won't see anything like this in theatres today...This is a Frank Capra great.  I hope you enjoy the movie as much as our family has!

The movie also confronts materialism as you will see in the following Heelots clip.  Don't be a Heelot!  : )

Don't know what a Heelot is?  See the clip below and you will see!  ...just don't be one or let one get you! Trust me...they are among us! : )

The ending of the movie is amazing where Christ is unashamedly mentioned in a beautiful way. Here is the movie in entirety.  You can also purchase the movie as well, and at times Turner Classics will air this great movie. Enjoy!

One interesting fact is that Frank Capra is from the same Italian village my grandpa was from. In fact in a biography I have of Frank Capra it mentions my Grandpa's family name as a neighbor. I think it's so interesting. : )

I hope everyone is having  a peaceful Christ-filled holy season and that you enjoy these movie suggestions and clips as much as our family does, they are so wonderful and just such a sweet way to spend some nice family down time together.  

May we lift our country up in prayer,   ~amelia

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