Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Guest Post on The Little Acre: 'Peace Adds, Busyness Takes Away'


 EDIT: 10.01.12  The below guest posts will be reposted here soon. The blog that the guest posts were on is unavailable at this time. Thanks everyone!

 Hello Everyone! Long time no see? It's been such a busy summer of sorts. I just wanted to drop a line to sweet friends and those who I am privileged to have read and visit here to know I have a guest post series on my sweet friend, Amanda's blog, The Little Acre:

Peace Adds, Busyness Takes Away. Click here for Part I

Part II

Part III

I hope you are blessed and encouraged by the series, the Lord put it on my heart as I sat at my keyboard last week. I asked God what He would have me share? There are soooo many things on my heart these days in these perilous times we are in and the thoughts flowed.

Please be encouraged, in His Great Love, ~Amelia


Amanda said...

well you know I'm blessed beyond measure.

Thank You!

auntie said...

I read you and posted a comment there. You have been missed and prayed for all summer. Isn't it strange and funny how these different seasons in our lives mean so much change and yet our hearts continue to grow and reach out. I want to tell you that I am so very proud of your daughters and their trip to China. Tell Marianna that I got the trinket she sent and I keep it with my prayer book to remind me of her. Godly women are such a rare and refreshing treat! What a blessing to me to know you and your beautiful little women.

Beloved's Bride said...

Hugs to you Mrs. Amelia.
I am reading over at Amanda's your "guest post". Thanks for telling me. I am so glad I won't miss it. I will be writing you back shortly. I am officially finished with unpacking boxes! Now, I get to sit and have tea and read up on all I have missed!