Friday, April 27, 2012

So They Call Us Extreme? Different? They Will be Right. : )

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"The church's mightiest influence is felt when she is different from the world in which she lives. Her power lies in her being different, rises with the degree in which she differs and sinks as the difference diminishes.

This is so fully and clearly taught in the Scriptures and so well illustrated in Church history that it is hard to see how we can miss it. But miss it we do, for we hear constantly that the Church must try to be as much like the world as possible, excepting, of course, where the world is too, too sinful....

Let us plant ourselves on the hill of Zion and invite the world to come over to us, but never under any circumstances will we go over to them. The cross is the symbol of Christianity, and the cross speaks of death and separation, never of compromise. No one ever compromised with a cross. The cross separated between the dead and the living. The timid and the fearful will cry "Extreme!" and they will be right. The cross is the essence of all that is extreme and final. The message of Christ is a call across a gulf from death to life, from sin to righteousness and from Satan to God."

Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you. ~Corinthians 6:17

A.W. Tozer ~The Set of the Sail

I read this, this morning and thought it was so good. It's true, the church has let darkness in instead of Light out.

How sad to see what has happened and what is accepted now. But do we shun others who are not exactly like us? Of course not. That would not be the character of Christ at all and sure enough the enemy loves to use this sectarian tool in churches and it does hurt families. Many times this is not the case though. It has been our experience that many churches today will shun the holy and sweet, they are so very concerned about their idea of success, numbers and programs. It's always interesting to me when I visit other blogs, those who are supposed to be so very tolerant when in reality they are very intolerant of those who claim the name of Jesus.

What are we to do when many times churches are either extreme? Pray saints pray. Show love to others, love God and hate sin. Stop the church politics and people pleasing in either camp, it's not about who wins the b-b stacking contest at camp, it's about inviting the new family to eat at your table for pity's sake. Live your life sweetly in a very real way, (it's the only way!).. use actions to love others, live it out with wisdom and discernment. Use words to love and appreciate when necessary. ; ) If we homeschool let's make sure we are teaching our children and youth godly character not just the academics. I'm afraid many a young person is going a very wrong direction spiritually with academic accolades. It's no good to go to hell with a straight A grade average.

If children or youth see you being selfish and cliquish? Respecters of persons? Thankless? Guess what, chances are they will be that way too for the most part. If they see you addicted to busyness? Guess what, chances are they will live lives of busyness too. Being under Satans yoke.

Please see the below sermon on yesterday's entry. It's such an encouraging, appropriate and challenging message for today! : )

Love in Christ, ~Amelia


Ellie Rae said...

Good admonition. It takes courage to be different.

Amanda said...


So timely.
So true.

This is what I spoke of this morning when I emailed you back.

You write from your heart...
true and real godly convictions!!!

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

What a true and wise post! Thank you for sharing it! :)