Saturday, December 10, 2011

Do You Feel Invisible?

As life goes on and moves on, we moms can feel invisible surely so. Every season has it's challenges.

I hope you are ministered to by this poignant and sometimes funny video as I was and still am. I can hear the accolades of many women as I type this as well as the silent tears. God sees it all honey, He knows you, He knows me, He sees you, He sees me and He thinks we are lovely when we are serving Him quietly in our homes. He sees the behind the scenes stuff I assure you, I have to tell myself that many times. Trust me, there are days in this present day society when we feel like chopped liver. Many times it's the culture we are in and the culture is incorrect. The enemy of our souls wants us feeling unappreciated. People around us are affected by the culture's attitudes and there we go floating out into the cosmos on our own it seems.

This video was on my heart so I thought I'd post it this wintery eve. I hope you are blessed by this as well.

Love to All, I hope you are having a most blessed Holy Season. I should be back on this blog soon to repost "Beware of the Heelots". ~Amelia

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Beloved's Bride said...

This is beautiful, Mrs. Amelia. And, just what I need to hear. I might even repost it on another account so I can remember when ever I go there! Hugs to you!