Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Words DO Matter & Say YES to home!

Yes Our Words DO Matter. The Bible speaks so much about this, be careful how you speak to others and how you even speak to yourself.

Would you be friends with yourself if you had a person speak to you the way you speak to yourself?

Both my husband and I remember words that stuck to us that were spoken years ago. Let's lift one another up, WORDS MATTER...

This is a fascinating video. Please feel free to mute the music at the bottom of the page.

Fall is here, I love the pic below it reminds me of our sweet little doglet, Minnie Pearl who passed away several years ago this time of year. I loved her and still do. She looked very much if almost exactly like this sweet doggie.
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I hope you all are enjoying this most beautimous fall weather....My daughters and I had a delightful day today, they took me out to enjoy desert and coffee at the historical district. Wowee! So fun!

We now shall dine on Chicago pizza artfully made by my 27 year old daughter, hope to post that recipe one day on along with my 25 year old's molasses cookies and just all kinds of goodness. Yes indeedie.

Edit: 11.10.10 I haven't been able to seize that Molasses cookie or the pizza recipe yet, but I do have some sweet do-able gift ideas there. : )

Enjoy your families and enjoy your homes. Be content in Jesus. Remember ladies, despite popular rumor even by some who are labeled "conservative" ... No we cannot do it all. God did not make us that way. I cannot believe feminists would have us to believe they are liberated? Liberated? Looks like bondage to me. Oh the lies of the enemy of our souls to so many women! Just. Say. No.

It is NOT neanderthal to know a mother's place is in the home! Heaven forbid!

I think many of the lies started during WWII....Women buying the Rosie the Riveter Lie going to the factories to work leaving their children at home. I recently watched a secular series on Turner Classics station, and even back then, the secular documentary was sharing major concerns of latchkey children during WWII as mom left to work. So sad. It's interesting that back then, the secular media had more sense than much of the church today.

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Speaking of wives and moms at home. Here is a recent series on Time Management. The author is featured on Dave Ramsey. She and her husband have been married for 8 years, have 3 children and lived on $35. weekly for groceries while her husband was in law school, having babies in diapers.

One of my favorite mom blogs is Life As Mom. The author of the blog is very nice, and gives many opportunities for moms to share their thoughts and ideas along with a wealth of recipes and money saving ideas too.

One thing I realized years ago....No lack of a vehicle was worth me leaving my precious little girls to work. What for? To have a car? Ridiculous.

Let's see, some think we are supposed to go to work to afford the nice car to get to work to pay for the upper end house they never are home to live in; leaving their children in part-time orphanages.

Just some serious food for thought. : )

This is all said to encourage moms to think and not buy the's not ever meant to bring any condemnation to single mothers.

Here is an encouraging site that will encourage single moms, an amazing testimony and ebook: here. This lady was a single mom making only $500. per month.

Be blessed be good! You are made to be wonderful in Christ! ~Amelia


Mary R. said...

Yes, good good post!

Amanda said...

Such lovely reminders Amelia. Thank you so much. Have a lovely weekend!

Maxine said...

Wow, Amelia. I agree with each and every thing you said here. LOVE THAT PICTURE OF THE BABY!!!!!
You and I are so kindred in thought and heart and mind. So thankful to find someone younger sharing the same ideals and with daughters who do as well. I know about Money Saving Mom; my older daughter is a "fan" of hers. What you said about working for a car---I've been "preaching" a similar argument for years. I'm thankful for the "do withouts" over the years, let me tell you.

Listen, we watched the movie "Penny Serenade" for the second time last night. I laughed and cried openly. A real oldie but one worth recommending to all.

God bless. Hope the boutique is doing well.

Mrs.Bo said...

Very Good post!! Wow, Love the Blog!! Blessingsssss!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

My gosh, you are so deluded.

First of all, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman wanting to have a career. There are many women who successfully manage their time and still raise wonderful children. Your wording is so condescending. Daycare is not a part-time orphanage. There are plenty of people who love to take care of children and provide them with love and caring each and every day.

In case you haven't noticed, this country is in a recession (caused by your lovely Republican leaders who chose to send our children to war instead of taking care of us here at home) and there are people who need to have an income coming in and sometimes more than one income. Just becausse your job might have provided a vehicle for your family or someone else's job might provide a "high end" home is not the point. There are plenty of us who have children in college, mortgages to pay, and other expenses that need to be paid. How do you propose we solve these financial dilemmas? Last I heard God wasn't writing checks to pay my mortgage.

I just can't stand preaching from people like you. You do live in a nice house and have everything you want. Well, that's great for you. What have you done for the unfortunate among us who can't even pay their electric bills? Do you propose that the family keep a parent at home and have the family freeze to death?

Amelia said...

Dear Anonymous, We'll continue to pray for you. You know nothing about our family or what we have or do not have, or what we have gone through and are going through and what we do for those less fortunate than we are. I do have a feeling you would be quite ashamed if you did know, it bothers me greatly to see your cynical judgements on our family. God is the only audience we need to answer to and He knows all about everything and even who you are. I don't have time to argue with you because it's obvious you have placed us in a box that you want us in. My intent was to encourage and challenge many who are living materialistic lives for the sake of materialism and pleasing the Jones. I do not think you read this with an open heart of what I was trying to convey. Please stop attacking our family. I love you in the love of the Lord and will lift you up in prayers, I pray the Lord will heal your hurting heart. And by the way, I do not blindly call myself Republican, I am juris naturalist, I vote with God whatever party that may be.

Chet Jelinski said...


"Anonymous" sounds just like the same troubled person who harassed me on xanga and wrote letters which said things like "Burn in Hell" to me at The Daily War. I never printed those letters only because they were too cowardly to SIGN them. I admire you for the grace you show to this person, but if it were me, I'd stipulate that any Anonymous comments will be DELETED. It's not fair that YOU get (unjustly) attacked while this person's life and credibility avoids all scrutiny.

God bless you, my sister!! Happy Thanksgiving