Monday, December 7, 2009

Teach Us Lord...A Peaceful Protest

As I went through our bags and boxes of cards and Christmas things I ran across this card, it was a simple Christmas card, one I loved and still do. The verse is simply:

Little baby on the hay,

born to us on Christmas day,

Show us how to live the way

that brings us peace and love.

Merry Christmas

Now contrast that simple little verse to what we have now......Parties for children, youth and even adults with what is supposed to be a simple, fun, white elephant game-gift to trade, priced at 10 dollars and up....Oh my. For our family, that is the price of one normal gift that we as parents may bestow on our children . Oh friends... what has happened?

I wonder what my grandmother would think of that? She often shared of her one doll she would receive for Christmas.

I wonder what my friend who was raised in the 50s is thinking? She had a lovely childhood and shared how a normal Christmas for her was usually a nice robe, a pretty doll and perhaps a neat game or other toy on Christmas morning.

When I was a little girl, stocking stuffers consisted mostly of candy, oranges, and if you were very fortunate, perhaps a skipper doll or a puppet. Now I hear of Chanel...

I wonder what my dad would think?
Roll back your watch to the 1930s...a small town....

Daddy shares of the family that lives in a train caboose during the depression in his little town....The fragrance of orange peel gently warmed by candles on the huge tree at the big log community house as the children there put on a Christmas program... He tells of the young lady with the beautiful voice anointing the atmosphere as she sings....O Holy Night..... My dad as a darling curly blond headed little boy thinks she is the most lovely being ever as he hears and treasures her angelic voice as she stands in her simple cotton dress.... The young lady? She lives in that caboose. These families don't even know they are poor. They have joy and the love of family and friends...They know and understand the wonderment and joy of Christ in that Holy Season.

loading ...

...What do we have now? What are we hearing? What is this world demanding and dictating of and to us?

...I wonder what Jesus feels and thinks?

I wonder if we should get little Susie the new iPhone now or wait for the second generation to come out with more features?

Oh folks.... Please don't fall into the trap this Christmas. As I see the out of touch price suggestions being suggested for party gift game exchanges and such....oh my heart is grieved. Jesus said His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

What is this excessive spending and wanting, teaching our children and youth?

I don't know what your area of town is like in the way of values, but apparently our area is slipping into the world of bondage when it comes to the excessive consumerism and what is viewed as the normal.

Please be careful.

I'm not writing about taking the wonder or generosity of Christmas from our families...I love Christmas more than anyone, and yes, I love the surprised faces as our daughters open their gifts. But when I see suggestions of ipods and iphones and such for a normal gift, as if it was a bottle of aftershave or cologne it grieves my spirit....When I see white elephant gift price suggestions, being the normal price of a gift that a parent might be giving their children....Or a cherished gift a child may give to their sibling....I have to take a second look and wonder what burden this is putting on families and teaching children and young people.

What happened to the way Christmas used to be? Sitting by the fire, simple, more normal gifts, gifts given and wrapped with love, thoughtfulness and care....Let's get back to a Peaceful Christmas filled with wonderment as we mediate on Christ.

And let's not forget those who are less fortunate this Christmas season, not only in material possesions but those heavy of heart, perhaps those who have lost loved ones, those who need encouragement. It may be in the form of a sweet thoughtful gift or perhaps a tender hug and meaningful conversation...Perhaps both. We can ask God what He would have us to offer Him. Let's be Jesus with skin on to others.

May our homes be a Peaceful protest to the world....

Jesus is the Prince of Peace...


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