Sunday, November 22, 2009

Home Church Sermon: "Right Song, Wrong Dance"

May I suggest this sermon our family enjoyed just this morning:
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Right Song, Wrong Dance by David Wilkerson

November 15, 2009 - Anybody can praise the Lord after the victory is won but there is a song that God is yearning to hear on the testing side. We must get to the point where we say Lord I am not going to allow the devil to harass me and put me into a pit of fear and despair. We must fix our minds on Jesus and take a stand to trust God in every impossible situation. This generation is demanding a song of hope. We are the song of hope in these last days. The song we sing is that God is faithful and He is able to take us through every trial!

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Also....I have found David Wilkerson's blogspot very encouraging.

See: God's Great Concern Nov. 20. 09.

An interactive timeline of David Wilkerson's life; very interesting and inspiring. This is the man who was called from a small mountain town to the streets of New York City.

"What's the matter with me?" I wondered, impatiently brushing away a tear. Then I looked at the picture more carefully. The boys were all teenagers. They were members of a gang called the Dragons. Beneath the picture was the story of how they had been in Highbridge Park in New York when they brutally attacked and killed a fifteen-year-old polio victim named Michael Farmer.

The story revolted me. It literally turned my stomach. In our little mountain town, such things seemed mercifully unbelievable. Yet I was dumbfounded by the next thought that sprang into my head. It came to me full-blown, as if from somewhere else: Go to New York and help those boys." ~David Wilkerson (1958)

May God be glorified. May we be challenged to be the hands and feet and mouthpiece of Jesus. The heart of Jesus should shine from us. It may not be to gang members but it may simply be to those right around us....Wherever that place is...May God be glorified in my life and yours. We need to be quiet and listen...we must be quiet and listen to hear the voice of God....It's very important that we do that... We must spend time with the Lord to know Him...There is around a 12 inch difference between our heart and our heads...Oh that we might know Him with our hearts.

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving week as we enter into the Holy Season.

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